Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Homos

I never really appreciated gay rights in the past. But for anyone the Gay experience has become the most meaningful political experience.
First, the gay experience is the least alienating.
Second, the gay issue is meaningful even to straight people.
Third, The Gay Experience is teaching us more about liberation than any other movement.

Fist, the Gay experience is least alienating because gays and lesbians don’t seek out recruits. They don’t impose their values and will on people.

Second, the gay issue is meaningful to straight people, because straight people can learn about the Struggle to be allowed top love who you choose. People trying to be who they really, truly are.

Third, the gay experiences is a struggle because of past oppression. Gays where tormented, tortured, legally persecuted.

I changed my mind about the Gay issue when I saw a documentary about People in the service during WWII. Many men where put into Cages and beaten and tortured when they where found out. And Water Boarding was part of the torture.

Women joined the service because in the 40’s and 50’s, this was a quick way women could meet each other and find each other in a different way.

One women said after he Commanding Officer found out, “You would have to discharge the whole troop because all the women where lesbians.”
Here is where women can be different, many straight women on the service where more tolerant of their lesbian counter parts than men with Gay counter parts.

Obviously, many gay men had to live in even more secretive lives than women, though women where persecuted just as much. Many States mandates for both Gays and Lesbians where to be placed in mental institutions, where abused psychiatrically (Torture, Lobotomies, imprisoned, etc)

One story I was told about was how gays got there title New York has always been a bastion for Homosexual activity. Most of the Speak easies where Gays and Lesbians could meet where on Gay Street. Gay street is named after Revolutionary War General John Gay.

My view on Gay Rights: All people have the Liberty to be who they are and actuate their lives with out government interference. And have the Freedom to be Gay or Lesbian with out person or private infringement.

If Gays are so evil why are they part of Activist, Religious, and social movements?

The Gay and Lesbian life isn’t perfect. Unfortunately there ha been much abuse in Lesbian Relationships. Statistics show that domestic abuse and violence occur more frequently than with Gay or straight partnerships.
This was reported in a Lesbian Newspaper not long ago. But gays and Lesbians do have essential Social issues all human beings do. What we need is a Socialist Government to assist. Why, because under capitalism social problems go ignored.

How ever with a new openness, less stress, pressure, and discrimination people will be just fine.

I have known many gays and lesbians in my Life, from my life in Paterson and New York City. They have each told me different stories. Not being Gay, the 60’s line “Being free to be me.” means something here.

I watch a Soap called All My Children, A wealthy girl is in love with another, she seems to be wealthy too. But anyway, they fell into dispute when one questioned her Lesbianism. Obviously the other did not understand and she left for Paris. We should all be able to run away from our problems.

Well, as the other had a trauma, she confronted her true self and confirmed her Lesbian nature.

Coming to a conscious awakening and acceptance is very Buddhist, but very mindful.

Coming to terms with who we are and what we should be has made Gay Liberation even more Liberating the other isms.

Socialism should never have to many stems or isms. It should be Purely and Naturally, Socialism.

Maybe we can get Gays and Lesbians to jump on the Universal Income wagon.

Time to get to werk.