Monday, May 31, 2010

Euro Socialism: A View

Socialist Parties in Europe are in turmoil. Why? Because they seem to have the problem of divorcing themselves from an existent Capitalist system.
Capitalism largely doesn’t work. It does on minor level when people start small businesses, or even organic pasta factories.
In Europe even the small businessman have a picture of Che in their pizzeria. Here in America, the local Republican Politician.
In America people are elite minded. In Europe people are Social minded.
The Socialist Parties and Social Democrats have done a more successful job the any other form of Socialism. Why?
Lets look at the Nordic countries. And even Italy. When I went Sardinia, the streets are named after famous Italian Socialists. The Un-socialist thing about Sardinia is poverty and joblessness.
The major problem of the failure of Socialist International Parties is that they lean toward Euro Liberalism. Party leaders cannot even relate to workers and apply elitist values close to conservatives. But many bottom rank and file members are the true radicals. They are the ones fighting the true revolution.
Even now the Party of European Socialist are concerned with initating a more Social Europe. Since the Social Democratic Socialist Parties of Europe are electable, they are the ones delivering the goods. But in very shallow terms. Scandinavian Socialism is the only Socialism that works. They are the happiest countries in the world.
The adoption of Third Way ideology by many social democrats has proved divisive within the broader social democratic community. Traditional social democrats argue that Third Way ideology has caused the movement to become too centrist, and even that the movement may be becoming center-right. In general, apparent reversals in policy have encountered significant opposition among party members and core voters; many of the latter have claimed that their leaders have betrayed the principles of social democracy.
So there are Social Democrats who are Socialists and Socials Democrats who are Euro Liberals.
The Major problems with Euro Socialists, they are suck in a Capitalist mode. Conservatives and Right Euro Liberals have made it impossible for Socialists to maneuver. American Socialists blame The Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese Socialists for austerity and other problems. Socialist inherit horrible government policies from conservatives and Euro Liberals than get blamed for these horrible policies.

The failure of the American Left. In Europe they can at least fashion Coalition Parties, In America Socialist are also political isolationists.
Socialist in America do not practice the democracy they preach. They expel members for free thought, and compromise the liberty and freedom of members who disagree or function on their own. This a is especially done with a Trotsky mentality.
American Socialists blame Lula DeSilva and Bernie Sanders for compromising. Sad to say, that is also what politics is about, unless there is a clear majority. Sanders is the only Socialist in Congress. Lula and even Evo Morales is stuck with their conservative fringes.
Democracy from the top isn’t Democracy, Democratic Centralism isn’t Democracy, it is a form of control. It is a mafia type system where the powerful rule.
Most American Socialists are ignorant of other peoples culture and societies. Not realizing even if people are Socialists in their country they still will not have American Socialist values, nor should they. Even many feminists are not about Liberation. Many are petty despots. (I am a Barbara Ehrenriech feminist.) They studying SOCIAL ANTHOPOLOGY.
Although I appreciate Communism, it has a difficult time in the United States. But one of my heroes is a Communist.

I am a Communist Bastard Sometimes:

Enrico Berlinguer (Italian pronunciation: [berliŋˈɡwɛr]) (25 May 1922 – 11 June 1984) was an Italian politician; he was national secretary of the Italian Communist Party (Partito Comunista Italiano or PCI) from 1972 until his death.
On an internal side, Berlinguer's last major statement was a call for the solidarity among the leftist parties. In June 1984 Berlinguer suddenly left the stage during a speech at public meeting in Padua: he had suffered a brain hemorrhage, and died three days later. More than a million citizens attended his funeral, one of the biggest in Italy's history.
[Enrico Berlinguer has been defined in many ways, but he was generally recognised for political coherence and a certain courage, together with a rare personal and political intelligence. A serious man, he was sincerely respected even by his opponents, and his three days' agony was followed with great attention by the general population. His funeral was followed by a large number of people, perhaps among the highest ever seen in Rome.
The funerals of Enrico Berlinguer produced probably the largest crowds ever to gather in Rome; here they are shown making the clenched fist, symbol of the Communist and leftist movements
The most important political act of his career in the PCI was undoubtedly the dramatic break with Soviet Communism, the so-called strappo, together with the creation of Euro-communism, and his substantial work towards contact with the moderate (and particularly the catholic) half of the country.

(Some Items extricated from Wikipedia.)

Right now as a Euro Socialist I am supporter of the PES and Socialisti Italiano.

“I am a Socialist because I believe that Socialism and Democracy are the only Political Ideologies that allow people to be completely Human.”
Tino Rozzo

“True Socialism is something that must be Evolved into”
Eugene V Debs

Dedicated too Chegetz, Mike Marino, Vito Anthony Marcantonio
Vitov Valdez Munoz (Candidate ALP), Buyana Badrakh (Mongolian Socialist)