Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Importance of Poverty

Poverty is very important. It is, if one will, the new slavery. People fall into poverty everyday. The government’s food tamps and welfare programs lead to further distress because people are turned into indentured servants. People are doled out to business and non profits for near than free work, and underpaid work. People fought long and hard for a minimum wage, yet on food stamps and welfare provide exploitation for businesses and corporations for underpaid workers who will be stuck and blamed for remaining on the system.
Let’s look at welfare privatization.

In Wisconsin, the former Vive Governor had started a business putting out welfare workers for substandard wages, and having the government give each business $5,000
Government workers and administrators who keep expanding the public and private social services system, thereby providing exploitation of the poor by a lack of job and salary opportunities. They contribute more money to keep the cycle eternal. They are the ones who make the system so challenging that you practically need a college degree to navigate it, causing loads of frustrated poor people to opt out of the system and often into homelessness.
Originally, well-intentioned workers who have lost sight of the poor as individuals. The same ones, who never really cared in the first place. Essentially, "poverty pimps" callously and purposely profit from the misfortune of others.
People need to be kept down and out because those in power need to keep there power. Like greed there is a psychopathic need to drive people into poverty and than use them for exploitation.
In New York, welfare workers sued the State and won because the court found the State in Violation of the 14 Amendment, now welfare workers must make a minimum wage.
The poor are marketable. Non profit and charities make enormous profits on the poor by charity fund raising. Freeing the poor means these charities and their profits would come to an end. People make great wages by being CEO and Executives in the Charity business.
Criminal business exploit women by marketing them for prostitutes, men are forced into criminal activity. Children are up for sale. Look at Haiti now, people are kidnapping children for adoption. There have been some legitimate churches that hire PR organization to raise money for poverty using false data and use models and false images” for missionary work that aren’t really happening.
The so called legitimate industries use donations and marketing to raise money. The poor get substandard products the executives themselves wouldn’t consume, and they pocket 90% of the profits. This is done with Animal Charity organizations also.
The problem of Solidarity is that whites and blacks and others are divided. While blacks get frequent sympathy, their condition never really in a true manner improves. Poor whites are seen as toothless country bumpkins who deserve our wrath because they are useless stupid hicks.
The lack of socialization, education, and initiative separates two groups from solidarity because they feel they are competing.
Solidarity can be fostered, after all look up the information on the Southern Tennant Union. Black and White tenant Farmers work together in solidarity.
People are living with 20th century values. The work ethic, everyone must have a job. There are no endless jobs, there are no endless opportunities.
One solution is to finally get blacks, whites and other minorities to join in solidarity and demand and end to poverty.
The end of poverty can be through public works, 32 hour work week, The Universal Income. Most of all the socialization of society. We can build a better civilization.
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