Friday, October 8, 2010

Expose The Tea Baggers

The Tea Baggers are a one stop political center of the ignorant ugly American. States Rights is one of their weapons against progress. The term “states’ rights,” some have argued, has long been used as a code word by defenders of segregation. It was the official name of the “Dixiecrat” party led by white supremacist presidential candidate Strom Thurmond. George Wallace, the Alabama governor—who famously declared in his inaugural address, “Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!”—later remarked that he should have said, “States’ rights now! States’ rights tomorrow! States’ rights forever!” Wallace, however, claimed that segregation was but one issue symbolic of a larger struggle for states’ rights; in that view, which some historians dispute, his replacement of segregation with states’ rights would be more of a clarification than a euphemism. The Flat tax: The dissenting voices seem to be made up of “special interest” groups–the real estate industry, charitable organizations, tax attorneys and tax accountants. The general public needs to learn when it becomes understood that the various flat tax proposals will significantly increase the tax burden of Americans earning less than $100,000 per year. This method of tax punishes working class and poor and allows the wealthy more breaks. Capitalism will save us/ Less Government: Another worry is how the chemical dispersants being used to break up the undersea oil will impact the Gulf’s ecosystems and inhabitants. The dispersant’s ingredients are a trade secret closely held by the company that makes it, and therefore have not been vetted by marine biologists to determine their safety for use in such a large application. It also remains to be seen what impact the tiny oil droplets left in the dispersant’s wake will have. It could actually be worse for the undersea environment to break the oil up into tiny droplets (which is done to try to make it easier for microbes to digest them). Beyond all these undersea environmental effects, the oil is also starting to wash up into coastal wetlands already besieged by overdevelopment, pollution . If there can be any silver lining to this catastrophe, it may be that it is the wake-up call we’ve needed to start moving more rapidly away from fossil fuels to a clean, renewable energy future. For starters, we can all begin to reduce our own oil consumption and opt for clean and green energy sources whenever possible. So far Capitalism supports sweatshops, pollution, endless wars, inequality, and poverty. Also, Capitalism is responsible for un-nutritious genetically modified foods. Lees Government means smaller weaker government for the people. Egregious culture of ignorance and selfishness. They like author Ayn Rand for instance. She was a Author of “Atlas Shrugged” and “Fountainhead.” In Atlas Shrugged the wealth go off to start there own Nation because workers and the poor are leaches and the wealthy should keep their money. In Fountainhead a architect blow up a building claiming it is his and the corporation bastardized it. Of course it isn’t and the judge renders it OK to perform acts oif sabatage, Terrorism, and reckless endangerment, and more. It was his creation it belonged to him. They hate the United Nation because they fear Internationalism and crave isolation and wish to bring the world into the past. And Impose there values on people. They hate socialism and confuse Communism with Socialist. Here is a good site: Their mantra is that The top one percent gets everything, and Obama the Socialist supports them with mass money. Capitalism will save us. The top one percent are Capitalists. (Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are also Socialist. TV personalities who are expected to incite America Cult of Ignorance. On TV shouting and screaming and suggesting that this country is becoming Socialist. – Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter etc are not ‘average Americans’ they are rich people who make millions and part of the ‘elite’ they pretend to rail against. It is their personal interests they are trying to protect while using the ignorance of poor and working class people to do be manipulated in there Cult. The 2009 Tea Parties are merely an updated version of what took place once upon a time with corporate media being the tool that has violated our trust and replaced trust with psychological techniques and discussions designed to manipulate folks who cannot think in the first place. If they told some of these people whiz was champagne, they would drink it. Fear, greed, ignorance, hate. And using the constitution to do it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Social America

Conservatives are going to hate this. We need a more social America and this is what we socialists should be striving for. So, I’ll list our endeavers. With in a structure of a Bill of Democratic Rights here is what we should do.

1. Rights and duties for all- Clearly stated and understood rights and duties for all (individuals, government, co-operatives, business and trade unions) will create new social cohesion and give everyone a chance to participate in, contribute to and benefit society.

2. Full employment- America cannot afford to exclude people from the work- place. We must harness everyone’s talents and skills. Meaningful jobs amd jobs with justice. will be the norm. That is the road to prosperity and to a fairer society.

3. Investing in people Investing in people – through education, training and progressive social policies, is essential if America is to maintain its prosperity. To move from the old job to the new job, America must invest in constantly developing the skills and knowledge of its people.

4. Inclusive societies – nobody left behind Everybody counts! Ending Capitalism as the norm, introducing better health care, universal income, livable, sustainable society. A Living Wage and Income, Affordable housing.

5. Universal child care Good quality, affordable and accessible child care is a necessity for the 21st century family. It gives children the best possible start to their education, frees parents to enter paid employment, creates jobs, and integrates families into the community. If a parent chooses, they may live with a Universal Income

6. Equal rights for all, Inequality between classes is still unacceptably strong. New policies to change inequality – in work, family and public life – will bring social justice and economic benefits. In a neww Social America There are those who argue that America or Europe can no longer afford its welfare states due to the unrelenting pressure of globalization – that nations should compete to set the lowest rates of taxation and have the fewest workers rights. Europe’s socialists and social democrats know there is a better way. America will not be reduced to a competition between states – we stake our claim to a NEW Social America. Our task is to renew and strengthen our welfare states. This is not to preserve them as they are but to reform them with new rights and privileges. and a new deal between people and government.

7. -The rich and privileged should not be the ones to have an education. Education should be free for all. From ages 16-21 youth should have ½ universal income

8. The elimination of Poverty shall be done trough the Universal Income Ands urban renewal. Real estate due to need not investment. The end of slums, and rural poverty and enriching the lives of all.

9. Improving the quality of life for all and making a society that is peaceful, non racist, ecological, and enlightening.

10. Create a Human rights office and social justice office. This office will be a law enforcement adamancy for labor, social justice, rights of human and animals. A public Advocate to challenge government and have presentation. The Tea Party and Conservatives will really hate this but lighter and enlightened minds shall prevail.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Franken Food

Genetically modified foods are made from genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are much more precise than mutagenesis (mutation breeding) where an organism is exposed to chemicals to create a artificial yet stable change. Other techniques by which humans modify food organisms include selective breeding (plant breeding and animal breeding), and somaclonal variation. Bans In 2002, Zambia cut off the flow of Genetically Modified Food from UN’s World Food Program. This left a famine-stricken population without food ssistence.[ In December 2005 the Zambian government changed its mind in the face of further famine and allowed the importation of GM maize. However, the Zambian Minister for Agriculture Mundia Sikatana has insisted that the ban on genetically modified maize remains, saying “We do not want genetically modified foods and our hope is that all of us can continue to produce non-GM foods In April 2004 Hugo Ch├ívez announced a total ban on genetically modified seeds in Venezuela. In January 2005, the Hungarian government announced a ban on importing and planting of genetic modified maize seeds, which was subsequently authorized by the EU. On August 18, 2006, American exports of rice to Europe were interrupted when much of the U.S. crop was confirmed to be contaminated with unapproved engineered genes, possibly due to accidental cross-pollination with conventional crops. On February 9, 2010, Indian Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh, imposed a moratorium on the cultivation of GMF “for as long as it is needed to establish public trust and confidence”. His decision was made after protest from several groups responding to regulatory approval of the cultivation of Bt brinjal, a GM eggplant in October, 2009. Intellectual property Traditionally, farmers in all nations saved their own seed from year to year. Allowing to follow this practice with genetically modified seed would result in seed developers losing the ability to profit from their breeding work. Therefore, genetically-modified seed are subject to licensing by their developers in contracts that are written to prevent farmers from following this traditional practice. Many objections to genetically modified food crops are based on this change. Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser Enforcement of patents on genetically modified plants is often contentious, especially because of gene flow. In 1998, 95-98 percent of about 10 km2 planted with canola by Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser were found to contain Monsanto Company’s patented Roundup Ready gene although Schmeiser had never purchased seed from Monsanto. The initial source of the plants was undetermined, and could have been through either gene flow or intentional theft. However, the overwhelming predominance of the trait implied that Schmeiser must have intentionally selected for it. The court determined that Schmeiser had saved seed from areas on and adjacent to his property where Roundup had been sprayed, such as ditches and near power poles. Although unable to prove direct theft, Monsanto sued Schmeiser for piracy since he knowingly grew Roundup Ready plants without paying royalties. The case made it to the Canadian Supreme Court, which in 2004 ruled 5 to 4 in Monsanto’s favor. The dissenting judges focused primarily on the fact that Monsanto’s patents covered only the gene itself and glyphosate resistant cells, and failed to cover transgenic plants in their entirety. All of the judges agreed that Schmeiser would not have to pay any damages since he had not benefited from his use of the genetically modified seed. In response to criticism, Monsanto Canada’s Director of Public Affairs stated that “It is not, nor has it ever been Monsanto Canada’s policy to enforce its patent on Roundup Ready crops when they are present on a farmer’s field by accident…Only when there has been a knowing and deliberate violation of its patent rights will Monsanto act. Can you believe that scientists are now actually modifying plants to manufacture pharmaceutical compounds (a technique known as “pharming”), trees which will yield fruit and nuts much earlier in the season than they would naturally, plants that produce new kinds of plastics, and fish that reproduce more rapidly! What are Genetically Modified Organisms ? Farmers have had free seeds in America for 600 years, and now these same free seeds are owned by private sector corporations. Scientists have been and are currently introducing genetic material into organisms to alter, create and affect changes in living plants and animals. These radical changes scientists are developing create specific, desirable traits that might never evolve naturally and in my opinion are extremely dangerous. Collectively called recombinant DNA technology, this practice changes the core genetic make-up of organisms. This genetic manipulation gives scientists the ability to create any trait that they wish, or suppress natural traits they don’t want. There are several reasons this unnatural genetic manipulation may affect you. It’s usually not clear which consumables have been genetically manipulated. You don’t know the long term health effects of these genetically modified foods. Initial research has shown that short-term reactions can be severe. Agro-chemical companies and the government are planning to charge farmers fees to grow their GM crops, thereby negatively affecting the economy and environment. Cultivated Genetically Modified Foods – From bacteria (E. coli) and fungus, fruits and vegetables to animals, genetic manipulation is becoming more and more common in our society. In the US market now, 60 to 70% of the processed foods are genetically modified. In 2006, United States GMO crops reached just shy of 135 million acres, with the total global area exceeding 250 million acres!1 This is a short list of the genetically modified food crops that are grown in the US today: Sugar cane , Sweet peppers, Tomatoes, Bananas ,Strawberries , Soy bean Corn Potatoes , Pineapples ,Cocoa beans ,Yellow squash Zucchini REFERENCES Brief 35: Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2006, Accessed Nov 2007. Available for purchase, The True Food Shopping Guide,, from The True Food Network, 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods, by Nathan Batalion, Ibid. American Rice Banned in Many Countries After Genetic Contamination,, by Thomas Whitman, ed., Ecological Farming Association, August 21, 2006 Health Begins in The Colon, ©2007, by Dr. Edward F. Group III, p. 131 Pharm Phresh Frankenfoods,, by Margaret Wertheim, LA Weekly, 7Oct02 Genetically Modified Foods: Are They a Risk to Human/Animal Health?, by Arpad Pusztai. An original article
Super Size Me
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Concerned about GM foods?Organic Agriculture Prohibits GMO The Organic Valley Family of

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guns Trade

Just as America's streets are flooded with weaponry, so is the global market-place. From the American-bought hand-gun that killed a Mexican presidential candidate this year to the varied weapons of war equipment used by Iraqi forces during the Persian Gulf War, weapons of every variety are moving undetected across world borders.

Here in the United States, violence-weary Americans have begun standing up to the once all-powerful gun lobbies. In Philadelphia PA there is a murder everyday.

America's arms export policy point to three problems
1. Connected gun merchants are above the law. 2. Many foreign Nations
Aren’t subject to us regulations. 3. Secret Government are complicit in international gun merchandising.
Even a single American-supplied weapon can change an entire contry's history. Luis Donaldo Colosio, the 44-year-old heir-apparent to the Mexican presidency, was killed in March by two bullets fired from a .38-caliber Taurus. The gun was originally purchased in 1977 by a security firm executive in San Francisco and had crossed the Mexican border some time later without a trace, say authorities from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF).

After the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union collapsed. Tens of thousands of ex-Soviet soldiers were put out of work. Much of Eastern Europe was the same. In Africa, the lack of superpower support meant that the traditional militaries collapsed. And societies were beginning to fragment into numerous rebel groups ( National Liberation Front, Democratic Liberation, ETC) and there was a great demand for military arms. Many of the former Soviet citizens became arms dealers. The situation went from a situation traditionally emphasized heavy arms to one which emphasized small arms -- what the soldier could carry. These would have been AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortars, that sort of thing. They were cheap, they were durable, and they could be concealed and easily transported. And I think the fact [is] that the West kept track of the state-to-state arms transfers, but what made this a particularly difficult problem after the end of the Cold War was there was no tracking of small arms.
And it had a major impact on Africa -- very devastating. I guess 7 to 8 million people had been killed by the turn of the century [2000]. There were millions of refugees and internally displaced [people]. Also, numerous people maimed or otherwise brutalized. Whole areas of Africa just ravaged. I think perhaps Sierra Leone, Liberia, and eastern Congo are the most terrifying examples.

The flow of arms into Africa is a worldwide phenomenon. Arms dealers use banks throughout the world. Transportation companies throughout the world, whether it be sea or airplane. Deals are made in one country for arms purchased in other countries. A lot of arms flowed out of the former Soviet republics. But there were also arms coming from European countries as well, and Asian countries. It was a bonanza. And it was unregulated.
The impact on Africa, if you could look at several different sectors of society. The Karamojong people living in eastern Africa, it's a pastoral group, traditional warriors. Suddenly, they're armed with AK-47s. It turned their society into chaos. In eastern Congo, where you had an invasion by the Ugandans and Rwandans and various rebel groups active in the area, it just devastated the entire portion of that country. I can remember speaking with some people who lived there. They said, "There's nothing here. There's no roads. There's no police force. There's no schools. There's no medical services. There's nothing. You're on your own." And that is the most egregious example. And then you have rising crime rates in places like Nairobi or Johannesburg, in part fueled by the easy availability of illegal arms.

Children and millions around, not just Africa, the world are being sensely murder and are victims of international weapons trade.

The Revolutionary United front (RUF) in Sierra Leone armed up to 23,000 child soldiers with illegally acquired arms. These children were mostly used to raid villages and guard diamond mines. They were drugged, raped and forced to commit such atrocities as killing their own parents Many Children are dismember and hacked or shot to death.

The illegal arms trade makes the armed seizure of natural resources possible.

Small arms can be traded directly for natural resources such as oil, diamonds, and timber or for the profits generated by the sale of those natural resources.

This is like a cancer.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Capitalism and Socialism

The USA is the richest country in the world. Yet millions of people will be homeless at some time over many long years. There’s no national health scheme, and over forty million people cannot afford private coverage. Socialism seems to be the better alternative. Socialism is about solving our Social and Econmic problems in a fair and equitable basis. Social-democracy as Democratic Socialism an alternative strategy for achieving socialism. Socialism is fights for the abolishment of wage-slavery and the capitalist system built on it by a different system – freedom, cooperative, liberty, Democratic labor. What has that got to do with the modest reforms achieved by the Capitalists and Trotskyites? The fight for social reforms and the defense of existing welfare state provisions are indeed necessary for socialists to take up. Although socialsim isn‘t a pencea, it is the true and real political solution. If only a free market economy can offer democracy. Without it you get state control, and state control inevitably stifles democracy socialists do not want a bureaucratic state, high taxes, and inefficiencies as lies told by Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians. Capitalism has become less irrational and inhuman since industrial revolution. Wage slavery and exploitation are still at the heart and root of capitalism. In a world of vast productivity and excess food production, 150 million children (by UN statistics) do not get enough to eat. Capitalism thrives on exploitation as consumers, women, children, seniors and men suffer in the circuit of the underprivileged. The idea that only the market system can be the basis for democracy is like saying only wage slavery for the masses and increasing concentration of wealth and power at the top of society can be the basis of democracy! Democracy in capitalism is limited and unstable. This came from Social Revolutions demanded by the people. We need to spark this up again. Mass self-rule by the producers, dominated neither by a bureaucratic state monopoly nor by the economic rule of the multimillionaires and their officials, is a better form of democracy. See this link for more:
Myths About Socialism
A Case for Socialism in the Twenty First Century-Jason Schulman
There are lies myths and slanders against socialism, like Socialism is about bureaucracy, bigger government, more taxes. This is just about providing Socialism to the people and not millionaires.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Social Anthropology

Social anthropology is one of the four or five branches of anthropology that studies how contemporary human beings behave in social groups and siuations. Practitioners of social anthropology investigate, often through long-term, intensive observation (Includin research and participation), the social organization of a particular person: customs, economic and political organization, law and conflict resolution, patterns of consumption and exchange, kinship and family structure, child rearing and socialization, religion,Socialists must understand ; economic anthropology; environment ; development.Ethnic and gender identity based politics; Intersectional of ethnicity/race, and class; Anthropology of human rights; Anthropology of human inequality; Ethnic inequalities and economic transformation in the planet mission to eliminate poverty. The development of civil society in the world. The impact on this process, climate change policies (focus on their impact on sustainable and livable communities), Science and Technology Studies , sociology of organizations and institutional sociology, theories of power. anthropology of war, violence and conflict, nation-state, ethnicity, and economic anthropology.Many Liberals and Socialist here in America are clueless to the culture and societies of others.The problem is ignorance and inexperience. Many socialists feel that the world should adhere to American values and perpetuate socialism on those values. This is utter non sense.People of different culture and societies have social morays and values of there own, which many American, even socialists do not understand..In the beginning of Star Trek, Captain Kirk speaks about new cultures and civilizations.When many Star Trek and its predecessor shows viewed the different values and natures of alien beings.People criticized Benazare Bhuto when she had an arranged marriage. She explained, even as a Socialist, that this was her way and her religion.If one where to go to Japan or Korea and start preaching the American gospel, they would tell you they have different values and culture.People have their way of life, communication, environmental, and value system different from ours.There are some who believe we should force people to see things our way. This didn’t work in Italy as I once was told by my cousin. A fellow socialist, this is Italy, not America, we do things differently here.If American Socialist are going to be successful, we will have to follow the view of Gene Roddenberry. Also, Burt Wolf says, ” Travel melts away, ignorance, prejudice, and opens our minds.”In dealing with people the mutual respect of being alien and foreign come to understanding. Democratic Socialism will free us all in different ways.With universal understanding, tolerances, and acceptance of similarities and differences. We are all human beings and have many of the same needs. respect is a major ingredient. And diplomacy must be learned.

Monday, July 19, 2010

American Labor Party Points

What is Democratic Socialism?

It is a Economic and Political system based in fairness and equity. It advocate Public Ownership as in Municipal and State Governments by the people. It forms a radical democracy placing peoples lives in their own hands through democratically controlled institutions, such as banks, utility, businesses, and co-operatives. Democratic Socialism is synonymous with Democracy.

What does a Democratic Socialist Party do?

It brings social and economic justice into our lives. It combats poverty, worker exploitation. It also improves the quality of life in society fostering a better world too live through social programs and public initiatives which improves the quality of life. These include Sustainable and livable communities, Public enterprise, alternative energies, green planning. It denies corporate welfare, socialism for the rich, rich people perks and abatement.

Is a Socialist Party a multi tendency Party?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean we accept Trotskyites and Communists. And we can work with Democrats, Greens, and other Socialist who are on this same page. We will not compromise our fight against Capitalism and we have visions and ideas that come from us and others who’s ideas are sound and for the people.

Te American Labor Party is in Favor of The Socialist International!

We agree that the Socialist International membership has had massive failures. But they have also had massive successes. Like free education, free health care, improving the quality of life. Workers rights and other programs. Amongst the Happiest Countries in the world the top 7 all have had Socialist and Labor Parties. We would like to change the third way and neo-liberal values. We believe we can be an asset.

Why a Labor Party?

Because Labor is how we survive. We have a multitude of issues to fight for, but first and foremost, We are about Labor and Anti Poverty. Once we solve those issues our new Revolution can be successful. We are no Different from our USA forefathers in a fight for Freedom and Democracy. Even George Washing ton thought we should have a Revolution every 200 years to rebuild our Democracy and fight off Imperialistic governments.

What will we do?

We will fight for the freedom and liberty of people who agree with us and some who do not. We believe people should freedom in their lives and electorate, and the USA should be a true Democracy in every sense of the word. We believe in a Social Democracy, economic democracy, and human rights, and a better world.