Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Return to Hopelessness

Tens of millions of people where fooled into voting for Obama and the Democrats last November in the hope that the Democratic Party would reverse the policies of the Republican Party: militarism, attacks on democratic rights and the destruction of the living standards of working people. But the promises of "hope" and "change" have proven to be illusions. In this case, Obama has been a major disappointment.Some 13.5 million people are unemployed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, another 6.7 million people were working fewer that 35 hours a week because of "slack work or business conditions," and more than 2.1 million are classified as "discouraged" and not seeking work. That brings the total unemployed or underemployed to more than 22 million people. It is critical for working people to understand the political meaning of these figures. Obama has summed up his economic philosophy as putting an end to unsustainable levels of consumption spending. It is clear whose consumption is to be cut: Not the luxuries and perquisites of the super-rich, but food, shelter, clothing, transportation, education and other basic necessities of the broad masses of working people.In this manner Obama has betrayed us. He has taken Single Payer health Care off the table. Recently he appointed an Internet Czar. Clearly a patronage job with a frivolous endeavor.So I must ask, where is that Anti Poverty Czar? Where is the Hope for the working Class and poor? Working people must recognize the Obama administration for what it is—the spearhead of an assault by the financial aristocracy. Obama's policies are not the result of inadequate understanding or bad advice. He is a conscious and willing political servant of the multimillionaires, doing what is necessary to defend their class interests both at home and abroad. We have now another inflationary economy coming this way. With gas prices up more than 75% again. Now we have another right turn. The Obama administration said there would be Trails for the people who tortured detainees at Gitmo. Here is a clear violation of Human Rights. This is the worse occurrence in world history since Nazi Germany. Yet The Democrats will not prosecute.This is a clear display of how the Democrats are complicit with the Republicans. And it is the two party system duopoly in conspiracy.How can we continually support an administration and Government that doesn't understand us anyway? Affordable housing to these are home valued at $150,000 here in New Jersey. While the same home in other states are priced at $54,000.
Of course the Democrats say we must support the CIA and Pentagon. The CIA and Pentagon are Secret Governments that shouldn't exist in a Democracy.The Tea Parties had no credibility since they where an example of getting our government to spare the wealthy of taxes.I went to the Tea Party Protests. They seemed like a celebration of ignorance. The signs where racist, low minded, and generally insulting. No one carried signs saying that the wealthy costs New Jersey close to eight billion dollars in taxes. And the citizens. The poor and workers have to pick the tab. Many communities are paying $9,000 in taxes. And some have no Fire department or Police. Yet there is no money for State Police.The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that 5.4 million of the 45 million US home loans were either delinquent or in foreclosure in the first quarter of 2009. The 12.07 percent delinquency and foreclosure rate is expected to rapidly rise under the impact of rising unemployment and underemployment. The Subprime and adjustable-rate mortgages are no longer the principal force of the foreclosure crisis. In the first quarter of 2009, the foreclosure rate for prime fixed-rate mortgages doubled, in comparison to 2008. It is now 6.06 percent, and these loans for the first time make up the largest share of new foreclosures. Home prices dropped 18.7 percent in March, compared to2008, according to Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Index, covering 20 largest metropolitan areas. The defense of jobs, living standards and basic democratic rights begins with a decision to break with the two party system. This political situation can play out over and over again. Remember, in the 1970's Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon's Criminal administration. Than Gas Prices went up and many never recovered. That much need hand up never seems to come but for the few, who are already privileged.

Flavor of Revolution

When I was a teenage Marxist, I used to dream about revolution. I would hope that one day Americans would wake up and revolt against a Capitalist system. I grew up in Paterson New Jersey. It is a small industrial town; 16 miles outside New York City.My home wasn’t too far from the factories where my mother worked in the garment industry.I would watch people come out of work from her plant and other factories and I could remember the tired expression, the defeated look on every ones face.My father worked at Standard Packaging in Clifton NJ. He always express how work sucked and people did not get respect on the job.Paterson had stigma too it. We where a poor people, who where seen as publiens and constantly the source of ridicule. For instance, one could go to West Paterson, or North Haledon. Upper class Caucasian communities. The police would harass anyone from Paterson and ask what they where doing in there towns (according to my cousin, this still happens today) I could remember gangs from wealthier communities, such as Glen Rock and Ridgewood, coming to Paterson and beating up some of the locals. The wealthy got off beating up the poor. They never suspected we would retaliate. And that we did.They used to have something “Whack a Nig--- Day” where they would come to Paterson, find a black person and beat them with a broom stick. Even many of our Whites retaliated entering a gang warfare with these rich kids. This ended when we eventually won. We beat their asses pretty good. (No, I wasn’t involved).I could remember the vehicles coming down 5thAve in Number and the Paterson kids shouting from the cars. This never ended the riff between classes and communities. In the 1970 East Paterson changed it name to Elmwood Park. And in 2008 West Paterson became Woodland Park.East Paterson was one of the few working class towns in Bergen County. Even in High School one could help to notice class differentiations. I started reading Marx’s Das Kapital. Maybe I was 14 at the time. My best friend Nick was a Communist. Together we would hope for Revolution. In the 7th Grade Nick and I and a few other Classmates where severely scolded for wearing Caps with red stars on them. We where severely scolded by Mr. Greff, Our Seventh Grade teacher was livid.“Don’t you know that is the symbol of our enemy?!!!!” Sometimes during assembly, when we saluted the flag we would give the Hiel Hitler salute in Duration.We would also help the Socialist Works Party and Communists stick up their posters.One day I saw graffiti on the way to the Willow brook Mall in Wayne NJ. The Graffiti said, “The only Solution is Socialist Revolution” As an Italian American constantly persecuted because of my ethnicity and social position, this ran true.Getting a part time after school job was next to impossible. I could even remember Walter Kronkite with Cold War rhetoric speaking about who awful Das Kapital was. I was reading it. It wasn’t awful, it was about WORKERS!This is one of the reason I detest academics and intellectuals. Not intellectuals as smart people, but ersatz intellectuals who are theorists, philosophers, social experimenters and have Jobs in the Compassion Industry. I could go on, but this isn’t my Biography.This is about:
As a person influenced by European Socialism, I am deeply an advocate of Non Violent Change by Election. I believe in the Socialism of the Nordic Countries.All education is free in Denmark, right on through university. And students can take as long as they like to complete their studies."And we get paid to go to school actually. Instead of in the U.S. you pay to go to school, We get paid to go to school if we pass our exams,We're pretty much free to do whatever we want. We're secure from the day we're born. For a Dane who lives in Denmark," A Danish Socialist told me. Don't depend too much on the American dream. Yeah. I think you might get disappointed." Denmark also provides free health care, subsidized child care and elder care, a social safety net spread the length and breadth of the country. And workers rights!An Italian Socialist interviewed said, “It is about living life-Bon Vivance. The art of living.” In Capitalist USA that is impossible. But here in Europe, at least our Non Public transportation is cheaper than in the USA and we are actually Greener. ( I saw this first hand).I used Ryan Air and flew from England to Italy for $30.00. In America the same flight costs $400.00. Your wealthy people hate the poor so much, that they conceived the work ethic as a substitute for slavery.”He was amazed though, that most American are willing slaves. More on that Later.
So, we also have horrible election laws. And we are subject to ruthless politics. The Republicrats will not go away peacefully. One Politician told me in private. I would support alternative party goals, but my Party would get revenge on me.That is true, through out America Alternative party politicians and even insider get victimized by the system. Look a Rob Blagojevich and the former Democratic Governor of Alabama.So what is the solution? You already have the answer. And it seems most people in America want Socialism.Here is how it should take place. We should have all people converge on State Houses, Capital Buildings, Washington DC. And demand that the Democrats and Republican share the power and give power to the people. Temporarily replace them, change the election laws to fair and just elections and let the people vote their will.Civil disobedience is the active refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government, or of an occupying power, without resorting to physical violence. It is one of the primary tactics of nonviolent resistance. In its most nonviolent form (in India, known as ahimsa or satyagraha) it could be said that it is compassion in the form of respectful disagreement. (From Wikipedia.)Her it is-We should also be sparking this. We did the Million Worker March, and Day with Out The Pentagon. Now our future is in this. Along with Elections of course.The Dangers:Look at Tiananmen Square. The CIA and Pentagon will no doubt have some of mowed down. Look at Kent state. The Military can be expected to kill in behalf of the Government. Harassment, persecution, violence, and other things will happen. The Military may even declare martial law and in effect, even form a Junta.Good luck fighting for Socialism and Democracy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Homos

I never really appreciated gay rights in the past. But for anyone the Gay experience has become the most meaningful political experience.
First, the gay experience is the least alienating.
Second, the gay issue is meaningful even to straight people.
Third, The Gay Experience is teaching us more about liberation than any other movement.

Fist, the Gay experience is least alienating because gays and lesbians don’t seek out recruits. They don’t impose their values and will on people.

Second, the gay issue is meaningful to straight people, because straight people can learn about the Struggle to be allowed top love who you choose. People trying to be who they really, truly are.

Third, the gay experiences is a struggle because of past oppression. Gays where tormented, tortured, legally persecuted.

I changed my mind about the Gay issue when I saw a documentary about People in the service during WWII. Many men where put into Cages and beaten and tortured when they where found out. And Water Boarding was part of the torture.

Women joined the service because in the 40’s and 50’s, this was a quick way women could meet each other and find each other in a different way.

One women said after he Commanding Officer found out, “You would have to discharge the whole troop because all the women where lesbians.”
Here is where women can be different, many straight women on the service where more tolerant of their lesbian counter parts than men with Gay counter parts.

Obviously, many gay men had to live in even more secretive lives than women, though women where persecuted just as much. Many States mandates for both Gays and Lesbians where to be placed in mental institutions, where abused psychiatrically (Torture, Lobotomies, imprisoned, etc)

One story I was told about was how gays got there title New York has always been a bastion for Homosexual activity. Most of the Speak easies where Gays and Lesbians could meet where on Gay Street. Gay street is named after Revolutionary War General John Gay.

My view on Gay Rights: All people have the Liberty to be who they are and actuate their lives with out government interference. And have the Freedom to be Gay or Lesbian with out person or private infringement.

If Gays are so evil why are they part of Activist, Religious, and social movements?

The Gay and Lesbian life isn’t perfect. Unfortunately there ha been much abuse in Lesbian Relationships. Statistics show that domestic abuse and violence occur more frequently than with Gay or straight partnerships.
This was reported in a Lesbian Newspaper not long ago. But gays and Lesbians do have essential Social issues all human beings do. What we need is a Socialist Government to assist. Why, because under capitalism social problems go ignored.

How ever with a new openness, less stress, pressure, and discrimination people will be just fine.

I have known many gays and lesbians in my Life, from my life in Paterson and New York City. They have each told me different stories. Not being Gay, the 60’s line “Being free to be me.” means something here.

I watch a Soap called All My Children, A wealthy girl is in love with another, she seems to be wealthy too. But anyway, they fell into dispute when one questioned her Lesbianism. Obviously the other did not understand and she left for Paris. We should all be able to run away from our problems.

Well, as the other had a trauma, she confronted her true self and confirmed her Lesbian nature.

Coming to a conscious awakening and acceptance is very Buddhist, but very mindful.

Coming to terms with who we are and what we should be has made Gay Liberation even more Liberating the other isms.

Socialism should never have to many stems or isms. It should be Purely and Naturally, Socialism.

Maybe we can get Gays and Lesbians to jump on the Universal Income wagon.

Time to get to werk.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The concept of Libertarianism isn't new. It is largely based on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand. Who was an anti-Charles Dickens writer. She hated Compassion and was a wealthy person cheerleader. Now, Horatio Alger wasn't a libertarian, he was just a man who wrote books about adventurous people. Despite his remarkable literary output, Alger never became rich from his writing. According to history, he gave most of his money to homeless boys and in some instances was actually conned out of his earnings by boys he tried to help. His books expressed an optimistic wholesomeness.What is Libertarianism?Libertarian conservatism, also known as conservative libertarianism (and sometimes called right-libertarianism), describes certain political ideologies which attempt to meld libertarian and conservative ideas, often called "fusionism."Neo-libertarians usually have combined a generally neoconservative outlook with a more pragmatic method. Traditionally, Libertarians where for personal liberties, with out Government interference. Smaller Government.Many today are against abortion and other liberties. This makes them seem like the loony fringe of Republicanism. As if Republicanism isn't loony in itself.Libertarianism is a dangerous form of Politics. Especially its economic philosophy.Libertarians believe Corporations can take care of everything and government should be run by corporations. They even believe the military should be in the hands of the corporations. Their philosophy is, if you're wealthy hooray for you, if you are poor, boo for you.Ronald Reagan used libertarian economics in his "Tickle Down Economics" theory.He brought the Nation in deficit with record spending. George Bush sr. went along with it and by the Clinton administration Crashed our Economy.George Bush Junior went full blown on Libertarian economics and this caused a major depression. Deregulation caused massive greed and allowed for the wealthy to legally rip off the public in which millions are out of work and lost their homes. The taxes are excessive on the poor and almost completely alleviated from the Rich. Bolivia's conservative government tried Libertarian Economics and the National economy crashed. This sent the Nation into turmoil. Evo Morales, Socialist, is now President of Bolivia and has improved its economic state.Privatization is a core belief in libertarianism. That means The Public entity is sold to private hands. The Constitution and other items no longer apply. Also, corporations make a profit on once publically own land. The public loses a profit and income thusly making property taxes soar. Also under private control, corporations are not headquartered in the community and Community services soon deteriorate.Also, Social Justice plays no factor. Libertarians believe that if an employer wishes not to higher an albino just because that person is an albino, because that business is his, he should have to higher an albino.
Libertarians do not believe social justice is both an important issue in politics, religion and civil society. Most individuals wish to live in a just society. The term "social justice" is often employed by the political left to describe a society with a greater degree of economic egalitarianism, which may be achieved through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution, policies aimed toward achieving that which developmental economists refer to as equality of opportunity and equality of outcome.Libertarians believe in a sink or swim society. Sorting out winners from losers. One can admire their view of the work ethic, self suffiecncy, and self control, but feel no obligations toward society. They embrace Anarchic-Capitalism. Business and industry without rules.That means there could be no regulations for a industry that pollutes the environment. If a product is ill manufactured and causse harm to a family member, the company isn't responsible, you are because you bought the product and are responsible for your purchase. Libertarianism means no consumer protection. Landlords can charge what they want for rent. Restaurants can serve bad food, Contractors can screw up your house and get away with it. The Police and Schools would be in the hands of private enterprise There would be no labor protection. (as there is now)Libertarians are also gun nuts. Criminals prefer unarmed victims, governments prefer unarmed citizens. You never need a fire arm till you need it badly. Really? I should buy a gun and protect myself from Libertarians?Libertarians believe in smaller government. But smaller government is weaker government. Would you like to live in Afghanistan?Well, let's face it, who in the world is seeking Libertopia? Does anyone want to go with out Health Care, Public schools, Hospitals, a Police Department, Libraries, The Post Office?Libertarianism is a proven failure. There must be a admission somewhere, after all, isn't there symbol the Statue of Liberty? Which is a government owned entity. And they are against Government owned anything.

Socialist Liberty

What kind of Socialists are we? There are many varieties. But I think Socialism itself is best manifested in a Democratic Socialist Movement. Why? Because Socialism is a workers movement and more.My own socialism is defined as Libertarian and Democratic. The aim should be less government in many cases. If people will be free, they must be free from the from the constraints of government. Such as the Universal Income or Basic Income Grant. People would have to feel humiliated and indentured to Government because of poverty.Poverty can be eliminated. But than what about the FCC? The FCC should exist because it is needed to regulate media. Regulation helps for many reasons. The FCC shouldn't be about censorship, what it should do is limit ownership of conglomerates and control by corporations because it is a guardian of the people's air waves. Experiencing Government when in need should not incur intrusiveness with a parental government running peoples lives.National Health Care would reduce Government because it would eliminate many departments.Also, there is a cure for addiction not approved by the FDA. There is one drug the cures addiction. This was shown on 60 Minutes.Capitalism forms bigger Government because patronage is important. Rich friends give other rich friends jobs. These jobs could be $100,000 to $2,000,000.Departments without the people's knowledge are created. Reagan created the Department of Domestic Affairs which spies on the public.Now we have the CIA, Pentagon, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security. State Police, the US Marshall. Local Police, Interpol and a few others.These can be merged for security purposes. Others can be eliminated, like the Pentagon and CIA. This should allow more funding for Local and State Police.The Departments of Homeland Security should be a State Level and be controlled by the States.But, Libertarian Socialism doesn't mean less Government, but more efficient Government. We should have a Department of Peace and Diplomacy. A Department of Social Welfare. Since Socialism is a Enlightenment Movement, this is a way of installing a National Enlightenment. (Not to be confused with Buddhist Enlightenment, this entertains those who have obtained Nirvana and Buddhood.)All government entities should have an Internal Affairs Unit (with forensic accounting), Public Advocacy, and local Direct Democracies. People should be included in the process.Rather than wasting time on frivolous TV, people could go to Town Hall and vote on their future. With fair debates and open forums.The Tenth amendment is very important. It gives States autonomy in dealing with issues. The National constitution Party is partly right, but mostly wrong with this.The states should be granted with enough money to adequately run and each community (entertaining home rule) should have its own choices.The Federal Government should mandate federal elections. Removing Ballot Access restrictions and petitions. They should monitor for clean and fair elections.Here in New Jersey there is no money for state police and once again our taxes go up to pay for communities with no Police Department.Now Nationalizing the Industries my be a good idea. They should be in the hands of the workers.The Government should run these industries; they should be privatized and placed in the hands of the workers who run these institutions and Co-operatives or ESOP's. The government should be a silent partner taking some income. And setting a few regulations. The people should vote on these regulations. A system of fairness should be implemented.Of course we need worker policy too free workers from Corporate Servitude. Like having a 32 hour work week, living wage, full workers rights. Union access and representation.Can Anarcho syndicalism be part of our future? Why not?! Syndicalism is an alternative economic system. Anarcho-syndicalists view it as a potential force for revolutionary social change, replacing capitalism and the State with a new society democratically self-managed by workersAnd that is what we Socialist want also, but there are small divides. Therefore, to liberate themselves, all workers must support one another in their class conflict. Anarcho-syndicalists believe that only direct action (Direct-Action gets the goods!)– that is, action concentrated on directly attaining a goal, as opposed to indirect action, such as electing a representative to a government position – will allow workers to liberate themselves.Socialist believe in Government representation.How ever Marx was right, capitalism must probably burn itself out. How ever, Unions can be Socialist too, and there should be enough room for both. Many believe we can only fight Capitalism with Capitalism using Capitalist methods. And why not? What is the sense of entering a war when only one side has weapons?Socialist Unionism must be in the middle of the class conflict freeing workers from the Bosses.Eugene V Debs once said (and I paraphrase), "I wish the industrialist would use their patents and free workers from the machine so we can compete as artists do."As a musician, I really appreciate that. Because playing an instrument and entertaining is work. (We are subject to Ergonomics and we have a Union)Socialism doesn't mean more or less government, but adequate government. Government that improves the quality of life gives us liberty and freedom with out always having to fight for it. Having Government in our lives with out intrusive government. Having people control their own lives.Abortion and Gay rights are just that way. Abortions allow women to control her own body with our government interference. Same with Euthanasia. Gays and Lesbians are people who want their own life with their own privacy and to be free to be who they are. The Gay and Lesbian Rights movement has taught us more about Democracy than any other so far. Out side of Co-operativism. Liberation of the individual is freedom and a point of democracy. Norman Thomas started the American Civil Liberties Union because we must keep fighting for Liberty here, in America. Amazing, the worlds greatest democracy and we still have to fight for freedom.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Socialist Strategy

European and Canadian socialism grew in different ways. We in the USA must take a different approach.In this era we have technology at our disposal. So let's start with Computers. Most socialist parties have a website. The websites seem pretty good and are attractive when well conceived. We have to go beyond a Party website though.We must have some other offerings on the web. Take a look at http://www.care2.comAnd others like it. What a socialist Party must do is take its commissions, make a Care2 Type website which indirectly referrers to its party and includes the Party in its links.We must be subtle on our promotion of Socialism. Have commission start varied websites (Similar to Multi Level Marketing.). The cause must be a different organization, but listing a Socialist Party on its links.Ok, how about TV? It is possible to have TV and Radio on and off the web.BET start in a Basement with two VCRs I hear. In Philadelphia Pa there is a station called Mind-TV, Independence Media. It runs shows hosted by a Lesbian Feminist, ethnic groups; it ran Italian soccer and RAI. It now runs Korean Dramas which are vastly popular. Once again with out mentioning a Socialist Party, we can do the same thing with the success formula of WYBE. And this can be franchised across the country.We can have an Indy News thing where varied socialist Parties are Interviewed.Host Political Debates and have shows like CNN and FOX. Imagine.'This Week with David McReynolds."Or CNN like news, even Comedies like a Daily show.Music Videos and Youth entertainment. Show for all people like PBS Brit-Coms (British Comedies). Leftist movies from around the world and America.Socialist oriented entertainment. Cool, hip, happening.We should include Libertarians and other Right Parties, the FCC may screw us.Radio can be done on the Web or by other means.Maybe some Party members can get on of those low frequency jobbers requiring no license.This may all cost money, but it maybe a worthy investment. Freedom Broadcasting can be in NYC, Philly, Chicago, SF, LA, and more.Blogs are great, but there are way too many. A SP can put something together like the Huffington Post. Perhaps It should be called the American Call.We have to use a Psychology here. If we use the name socialist, it may detract some people. Many Americans have a preconceived notion of socialism. Subtlety is the key here. People may say, 'That is socialist news, I cannot listen to that!"Although this will require and Investment, there is a return with a profit. And the Party won't need to ask for too much money.The next step is even more difficult and complicated. Building locals and creating Socialist Jobs.As I have tried to create a Labor Union. This Union would foster Self Help credit Unions, Worker owned Co-operatives that would have intentions to franchise.Chrysie Hynde started a Vegetarian Restaurant to get kids away from Mall Culture. Why not take it and franchise it around the country? How about Power to the people supermarket chains? Something Like Co-op Atlantic in Canada?
Revolutionary Cooperative Movement, that goes to be a model of a new skill to produce. This model is free of scanning. The workers are the owners, and organize the production democratically. The product of our distributed work and in proportional way to the time that each one contributed in the production process. In them we create this Cooperative Revolutionary Movement as the first pacing in the fight to liberate the humanity of the poverty and scanning. When this movement to grow, goes to create the social and economic base for the construction of a movement of revolutionary unions, and a revolutionary party of workers who together go to finish the workmanship that in we start them here in the Cooperative Would revolutionize. In we go them to adopt spacific and positive ways. In we go them to construct, to produce, to educate, to organize, and to vote to carry through our goal of peace and prosperity without scanning for everybody and with respect our Land All member of the cooperative goes to have intellectual and administrative responsibilities, and all have that to help with the workmanship hand
In essence there must be an attraction to build and keep membership.Starting discussion list have been done to death, website, communications posts are Ok, but…..We need to harness the creativity and ideas of the masses. The Social Liberal website lists something called the Idea Factory. We must listen to the people. Not only that, we must have interactivity with the people.Unions in the day had workers to mingle with. Now with the Blue Collar disappearing and part timers who cannot Unionize, we need a different format and avenue of reaching the masses.A Socialist Think tank may not be the answer. But creating external avenues maybe.Like creating an alternative party media center. A WBS net where people can load interactive streaming chats, build websites, and have fun. Creating a Internet playground Maybe just the ticketThere are ideas galore we can come up with. many strategies. But we should pursue them and use the weapons we could have at our advantage. Finally: Our approach must change. We must be giving people what they can relate too.We must send out a positive message. Give positive examples. Carry signs during protests people can relate too.It is wonderful to protest for varied causes. But how about some points as where life can be better and positive?Rick Steves Travel show took him to Sweden and Denmark. He actually spoke about the pluses of Socialism and showed some examples. This was on PBS.We also have to back up our candidates and give them some material and research. Socialist Parties must start backing up their lesser than Presidential Candidates.The Quality if life, sustainability, education, and the rest. The Socialist Party USA has had some past successes. Play off the successes of History and other Socialists around the world.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Socialism, The Real Deal

I’d like to congratulate Jimmy Lee Hollis on his article on Socialism. Though I must admit, the article was misleading and less than the accurate. The problem with Socialism is that there are too many varieties. Most Democratic Socialists, Social Democrats, and Labor parties affiliated with the Socialist International are Anti-Communist and Anti-Leninist.There have been off shoots of Socialism which where very unsavory. These are artificial Socialisms. Even Hitler knew in Europe that using the word Socialism would appeal to the working class and poor.When Socialism was founded, by Robert Owen, who perpetuate worker owned co-operatives, he visited the USA. He told our forefathers about the Concept of Socialism.They applauded wildly at the prospect. Even Benjamin Franklin started the Nations first worker owned Co-operative and in Paterson NJ, our Nations first Industrial City, Conservative Alexander Hamilton Started the Paterson co-operative of Useful Manufacturers.Socialism is more than Co-operatives, in places like Scandinavia their Socialism has worked to the point where they have:
Among the positive sides of this high-taxation system, one can note: * almost no poverty or starvation, as is the case in American ghettos * virtually no homelessness problem * very little crime * equal opportunity to education & health care, regardless of the wallets
But some say this will not work in the USA. What plays in Peoria, plays on Broadway.Another example is that if a US worker is forced to have an expensive car and drive for two hours each way to get to work, spending money burning gasoline, that shows up as a bigger contribution to GDP than that of the Finnish worker who lives in a comfortable Alternative Energy heated house, doesn't need a car, and rides an inexpensive tram in to work.Public transportation in NJ and the USA today is almost the cost of caviar.
Socialism is a complicated doctrine. It embellishes the best of Humanity, Public ownership (That doesn’t mean your TV is your Neighbors TV too.), Compassion, and Environmental Concerns. Democratic Socialists in Europe where Green even before the Green Party came into existence.What enlightened societies where ever conceived by Conservatives?Wasn’t it the conservative view that the world was flat and that The Planets evolved around the Earth? Didn’t conservatives usher in the Spanish Inquisition and persecuted people on thought crimes?And modern Capitalism has only offered us Strife, Social Problems, and mental and emotional problems in this dog eat dog world.But we have had Socialism and Socialist ideas in America. Teddy Roosevelt leftThe Republican Party to form the Progressive Bull Moose Party. His ideas paved the way for New Deal Administration of Franklin D Roosevelt. Kennedy and Johnson both ushered in the Great Society programs. I admit, some of those programs are seriously flawed, but with out them, we would be worse off. Even Nixon carried on some socialist ideas, like the Universal Income.And we had socialism in America: Oklahoma had 17 socialist locals, with a socialist Mayor once serving in Oklahoma City. Haledon and Passaic had socialist Mayors which vastly improved the quality of life in those towns.Milwaukee was the best example. In the early 20th Century that city had mostly Socialist mayors who improved that city with great reforms. Milwaukee was the only City in the USA not to go into default during the Great Depression.Who says Socialist Economics doesn’t work? In 2004 the Milwaukee CentennialPosted an article that was titled ‘Things where not this Bad in Milwaukee when the Socialists where in Office.” In the USA, before ballot access oppression, the Socialist Party had many Mayors and Councilmen serving through out America. And one congressman elected to the US House of Representatives, Emil P Siedel. There was an American Labor Party Congressman also. Vito Anthony Marcantonio, longest serving Socialist in Congress. And of course today we have Bernie Sanders of Vermont.Socialism is about Improving the quality of life in Community and Nation.Socialism isn’t about mere handouts and laziness. It is about providing a positive future with a positive way of life for all, with human rights, democracy, and social justice.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Public Enterprise

Nationalization! What are you kidding? That is bad. What we should have is Public Enterprise. That sound much more business like. We hear about Nationalization all the time. Conservatives are crying that we are going to have European Socialism in America.And we should. Why carry on a Culture of ignorance and dystopia of Conservativism,When we can have the enlightenment of European Leftism.The conservative’s cry-Obama is spending money. Excuse me, last time I checked Government has an overhead. And that has to be paid for.Conservatives cry Government should act as a business. Well, it can and should.Nationalizing-ooops, I mean Public Enterprise is the way to go. Let’s look at privatization first. It has been a real cheat. When Governor Christie Todd Whitman privatized most of New Jersey’s public entities, citing they cost the state millions, our property taxes went up and now we pay the highest taxes in the Nation.Nationali---ooops, I mean Public Enterprise can be this:
Business organizations wholly or partly owned by the state and controlled through a public authority by Democratic Means. Some public enterprises are placed under public ownership because, for social reasons, it is thought the service or product should be provided by a Co-operative or ESOP. The Banks, Oil Companies, other Fortune 500 Companies.
Examples of this kind of public enterprise.
An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an employee benefit plan which makes the employees of a company owners of stock in that company. Several features make ESOPs unique as compared to other employee benefit plans. First, only an ESOP is required by law to invest primarily in the securities of the sponsoring employer. Second, an ESOP is unique among qualified employee benefit plans in its ability to borrow money. As a result, "leveraged ESOPs" may be used as a technique of corporate finance.
Employee ownership appears to increase production and profitability, and improve employees' dedication and sense of ownership. However, democratic leadership must be protected from predator companies, and employee stock ownership can increase financial risk if the company does poorly. Notable employee-owned corporations include the John Lewis Partnership retailers in the UK, and the US news/entertainment firm Tribune Company. The most honored multi-national corporation based wholly on worker-ownership principles is the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation . Unlike the US, however, Spanish law requires that members of the Mondragon Corporation are registered as self-employed. This differentiates co-operative ownership (in which self-employed owner-members each have one voting share, or shares are controlled by a co-operative legal entity) from employee-ownership (where ownership is typically held as a block of shares on behalf of employees using a Employee Benefit Trust, or company rules embed mechanisms for distributing shares to employees and ensuring they remain majority shareholders)Entities proven to work, means profitability for the Company and its employees, and the Government.Let’s make Citibank a Public Enterprise. Lets say it makes $36,000,000,000 a year.Each lower level employees makes a living wage, working 32 hours. The Executive pay scale is reduced to more reasonable income and the Executives makes no more ( salary cap) the 7% to 10% more than the average employee.The Government owns a share and is the major investor at times. In which it takes back a portion of the profits the way a loan works to some degree. This allows the Government to have an income and reduce taxes on workers and communities. And even the Nation.See, conservatives this is Government acting as a business. The Government sets regulations, and receives an income/profit. This contributes to the national wealth.Also to keep government in check, and Citibank in check, A Department of Advocacy is created to assist with efficiency, labor issues, and keeping the government regulations in order. (Actually, outside of regulations, the government should be a silent partner.) So, with the Government getting a share of profits from the Public Enterprise, this should replenish national wealth, and there would be money for highways, Communities, schools, health Care, a universal Income, and more.Where it wouldn’t go? Not to executives who purchase seven homes with seven indoor pools. Exotic vacation welfare. Free stuff from the Government paying corporate welfare and supporting greedy industrial complexes that cost the tax payer billions.We would have a incredible surplus and enough for social programs and livable communities and abolishing poverty and that conservative dystopia.Remember-Nationalization-ooops, Public Enterprise is the Future!
Dedicated to Rob W Tucker

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Need More Left and Progressives

The current stimulus plan by the Obama administration is a step in the right direction.
I read in the Paper that some journalists feels that stimulus will pad the pockets of the Unemployed.
That is exactly what we should want. After all, why should millionaires and billionaires who take a bath in our money everyday have a handout? It amazes me about the perks and free giveaways the wealthy have gotten through out the years.
It is time to Bail Out the People.
The Bill falls short, not because it puts our financial future in jeopardy. That has already been done by the wealthy. I reality, the Bill falls short because the programs and reforms
needed aren't there.
We are into the twenty First Century. The Industrial era is gone and the service sector jobs are a dead end. We need new policies as the Universal Income, A Livable Basic Income Grant, a Living Wage, Sustainable and Meaningful Jobs and many more.

Bernie Sanders said in a public forum in San Francisco:
The first part of his address focused on the necessity of the progressive movement to come together and "raise up a New America." The Senator noted that progressivemovement is too often focused on single issues and not sufficiently engagedin the hard work that is electoral politics. To succeed in seeing our ideastriumph, Senator Sanders urged progressives to focus on our commonalitiesand not our areas of difference. He touched on his own experience inBurlington in building a progressive coalition on the city council. He notedthat "politics is what happens 365 days a year" and that we as progressivesneeded to engage our neighbors in changing the political culture.

The Reagan/Bush legacy in my estimation important to remember that the damage wrought to the country was "incalculable." It should be cited statistics that in the "boom" Bush years, that is before the financial meltdown, that the average median income in the country fell by $2,000, that 7 million Americans lost their health carecoverage, that 6 million Americans fell out of the middle class and intopoverty and that 3 million lost their pension benefits. progressives stand for a different path. That ours are the majority values and that those start with fairness and equality of opportunity.

That means abolishing poverty. That means ending Apartheid. That means embracing new values. Less racism, less judging thy neighbor for what they do not have. No measuring people by their jobs or joblessness.
That means a New American Dream with a less materialistic culture.
Of course the battle for Democracy in America rages on. The Democrats failed in the past. The 1960 programs left the silent majority out in the cold with horrible government band aide programs which hurt everyone.
If we could do anything we must stand up for the National Health Insurance, Universal Income, and more enlightened education.

We must now Employee Free Choice Act. The Bill requires 60 votes to pass the Senate but that it was likely there would one Republican who would support it and thus it was doubly important that Al Franken be seated in the US Senate. The Senator also voiced strong support for the President's Labor Secretary choice, California Congresswoman Hilda Solis. We need a Government that understands labor and the rest of us.

Monday, February 9, 2009

They Saved Ronnies Brain

Reagan's reign the United States experienced the beginning of the end of what could have been a great society. Under Reagan, elements within the government engaged in massive criminal activity that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the entrenchment of a vicious and evil criminal organization that has been firmly in power of not only the United States but much of the world. George Bushes desire for international hegeonomy.Reagan's was a criminal president and his crimes where many. This all started well before he was President when he and Bush paid the Iranian's to not release the hostages in order to prevent the re-election of Jimmy Carter in 1980, not mention his reign of ugly conservativism as Governor of California (Where he attacked social programs and eliminated the middle class.) The hostages were released as promised as Reagan was sworn into office. Reagan then secretly sold chemical & biological weapons to Iraq and told CIA friend Saddam Hussein to step up bombing of Iran while still selling weapons to Iran in a war that claimed an estimated one million victims. The criminal activities in the Mid East stretched around the world to Central America in the spectacle that came to be known as Iran-Contra.
In Afghanistan, Reagan was busy funding Osama bin Laden and a terrorist army to displace the Russians. Once the mighty 'Muhjadeen' had completed their task they were partially abandoned and became the Taliban and Al Qaeda. With no real replacement for the Russian backed government, the radical Muslims quickly took power. Only later did the army without a war become the enemy so desperately needed by the US defense industry, CIA, and Pentagon. In Central America, Reagan-Bush ran a massive criminal operation that Thwey They imported hundreds of tons of cocaine into the US and shipped arms illegally to the terrorist Contras that Reagan affectionately called "Freedom Fighters". Coca paste was brought in from South America by plane to an airstrip near Puntarenas, Costa Rica owned by Reagan/Bush ball washer and supporter Julio Calleja and processed on the ranch of CIA operative John Hull. From there the high-grade coke was shipped by plane to the Mina, Arkansas Airport under the protection of Bill Clinton and to various Air Force bases.America's worst financial disaster since the Great Depression occurred under Reagan with the collapse of the Savings & Loan system. Nearly $500 billion was looted from thousands of Savings & Loans by a criminal ring that included the Mafia, CIA and the Bush family. Neil Bush was involved in the collapse of Silverado Savings & Loan but never served any jail time. By the time the Federal government and elite is done milking the scam further, US taxpayers will have paid well over a trillion dollars.
Reagan brought in an era of Fascism. He made hating the poor acceptable and to be insensitive to humane rights and needs. He embraced the values of greed, hate, elitism. His trickle down economics policies and welfare for the Rich schemes made it apparent that he abandoned pro-people politics, for the politics of socialism for the rich. His Economic policy effects us today with the top heavy financial crashes of major financial institutions, international economic distress, mass un-employment have ruined the lives of Millions.The full extent of Reagan's crimes may never be known because George W. Bush issued an executive order which countermands the 1978 Presidential Records Act and prevents the release of 68,000 pages of Reagan era documents. Given that Reagan lacked the intelligence to carry out some of the more elaborate crimes, the records are likely to shed light on the true role of the Bush crime family.Let us remember Reagan as he really was...oLiar oThief oMass murderer oWar criminal oTraitor of the American people oDestroyer of freedom oDestroyer of the environment oCorporate Prostitute
Ronald Reagan’s legacy leaves us with a shameful President even more cunning than the Bushes, but just as criminal and just as horrible. The nightmare of Reagan will not be known for a long time.
Ronnie. Reagan was consistent with his libertarian deregulatory doctrines. If Congress had not stopped him, he would have abolished crucial health and safety requirements imposed on the heavily tax-supported nursing home industry. Instead of firmer enforcement efforts and more adequate standards, he was content to leave the more than one million defenseless elderly in nursing homes.Reagan changed the evolution that would change the future complexion of American politics, organizations who call themselves social conservative have teaming up with their Liberal counterparts to oppose corporate bailouts. The synfuel industry's welfare project is under similar pressure, though its predicted mismanagement and awful economics appear to be self-defeating. This new coalition put up a aggressive fight against the Reaganesque bailout of the big U.S. banks that made such imprudent loans at inflated interest rates to foreign countries. Reagan spent years lecturing around the country for General Electric on the virtues of sink or swim free enterprise, has become the most prominent advocate of corporate bailouts in American history.Reagan also under-minded the alternative energy programs which made Europe way ahead of us in that field.The empowerment and widespread exercise of citizenship is a prerequisite for a sound, democratic society. Revolution empowers more people. It reduces the severe concentration of power and information, and that lifts a nation into a real democracy with Social Justice everywhere in the world. Our history has demonstrated that the well-being of society springs from the growth of daily, active citizenship that provides an enabling environment for good leaders to come forward. Every significant social movement m this century has sprung from activist citizens fighting for their causes - human rights, workers' rights, civil rights, environmental and consumer protection, peace.Don't forget to buy socialist Stuff:http://www.zazzle.com/spusastuff

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Future Can Be Bright

As I listen to democrats speak of Economic revival, it sounds like everyone is still living in the World War II generation. WWII and the Post War generation has been over for fifty and a half decades now. We are still living in the Twentieth Century in a Twenty-First century World.The day that people could work at their jobs for 30 years is over. We are heading into a Jobless society even if the President creates Millions of Ecological Jobs.That is a step in the right direction, but there still will not be work for all. Creating Meaningful Jobs through the government is a really good idea.First we can start by enlarging Ameri-Corps and Vista Volunteers. These could become Meaningful, fulltime, living wage paying jobs. With a Republicrat Government that could become a failure because there will be no Workers Rights or Labor protection. I knew someone who joined a youth job program and hated it because he was abused buy his bosses. The Republicrats have a way of instituting programs that Control People rather then up lift them.When I tried to join the Peace Corps. I asked to be posted in Asia, the guy yelled at me and said I should be willing to go where I am put, even Africa. All for Democracy and Freedom of Choice. Why should I have my freedom of choice? Isn’t that what America is about, having a free choice?Here is what we have to do in order to have a better society. First we need to get rid of the two party system. Second, we need to institution full workers rights and have Democracy in the work place. Third we need to implement a government employment program like CETA and Work Force America. Than let’s have Jobs with justice. Not crappy service sector jobs which pay minimum wage. Thus Institute a living wage.Let’s get rid of those conservative values of the 20th century and start treating people like Human Beings.We can also have programs that foster worker Owned enterprises, such as Democratic Employee Stock Options Plans and Worker owned Co-operatives.Here is what Co-ops do and how they operate.
1. Voluntary and Open Membership -- Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political, or religious discrimination. 2. Democratic Member Control -- Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members, who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. The elected representatives are accountable to the membership. In primary cooperatives, members have equal voting rights (one member, one vote) and cooperatives at other levels are organized in a democratic manner. 3. Members: Economic Participation -- Members contribute equitably to, and democratically control, the capital of their cooperative. At least part of that capital is usually the common property of the cooperative. Members usually receive limited compensation, if any, on capital subscribed as a condition of membership. Members allocate surpluses for any or all of the following purposes: developing the cooperative, possibly by setting up reserves, part of which at least would be indivisible; benefiting members in proportion to their transactions with the cooperative; and supporting other activities approved by the membership.
4. Autonomy and Independence -- Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations controlled by their members. If they enter into agreements with other organizations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy. 5. Education, Training, and Information -- Cooperatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives. They inform the general public, particularly young people and opinion leaders, about the nature and benefits of cooperation.6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives -- Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional, and international structures. 7. Concern for Community -- While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies accepted by their members.The movement toward an environmentally sustainable global economy (based in Cooperation and mutualism, not competition) will create far more meaningful jobs. The Major reasons: non-polluting, environmentally sustainable industries tend to be intrinsically more labor intensive and less resource intensive than traditional practice." It nevertheless forms an importance. Among the features of sustainable industry offered in the paper were energy efficient, resource conservation to meet the needs of future generations of people and maintaining environment, safety and skill-enhancing working conditions and opportunities. Low waste production processes, and the use of safe and environmentally compatible materials. Some of the benefits however would be offset by higher prices (due to labor costs) and a theoretically larger population needed to perform the same amount of work, increasing the agricultural and other loads on Society. But the very best we can have a positive future with out poverty and work distress. Along with social programs that free people.Sustainable living encompasses the concepts of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Sustainability, in recent years, has been expressed as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Self-sufficiency is the principle in which individuals or societies consume only that which they have produced. Sustainable urban infrastructure is a form of sustainable design and maintenance, which adheres to the facts and structure of sustainable living. Its main principles are to achieve technological and governmental policies that enable urban planning for sustainable architecture and agriculture.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Open Letter To Michael Moore

Dear Michael Moore:
I respect you work, and I am a huge fan of yours. How ever I wonder about you politically.You asked America years ago to support Nader. And they did to some degree.Your Documentaries, and exposures where on the money. Good work.Michael, here is my advise. Perpetuate joining, or start a real Democratic Socialist Party here in the USA.
I have no idea why you taught Gore or Nader as Socialists. They are not. Obama was your choice in 2008. Many feel in eight years he will not deliver the goods. I believe, like the Democrats of old, he will bring in programs on a stretcher. Elites, only represents the elites.
Michael, you had the power and the strength in your media power to start a Socialist Party or revive and old one. You seem to be looking for Socialism in all the wrong places.
When I was eleven, after meeting the Democrats I had an inkling that they where a party of phonies. At least the Republicans are honest about being elitists.
The Democrats haven’t spoke about socialist issues and seem no different than the Republicans.
Hilary said minimum wage should be $9.00 and hour. Socialists believe in a maximum wage.Obama said we have been talking about Health Care for twenty years. We socialists have been speaking about it for ever.
How about the Universal Income? You speak about it in your book, even Nixon was a proponent. Yet, no one has spoken of a guaranteed income since it was defeated in the Senate in 1972.
So Mike, are we going to wake up and smell the coffee? Can we start a real Socialist Party now? Maybe we can Nader to join. He could stop called the Socialist Party USA Norman Thomas’s Party.
With that Mike keep up the good work. Maybe we will even fight oppressive ballot access laws in America. How about a film about Socialism and Democracy in Europe?
Conservatives hate Europeanisms. That is because in Europe the solve problems and Socialist Politics is for the people. Democracy!
Socialists may have had their failures, but at least their successes have been grand. Unlike the so called Socialists (Democrats) in America. They are not and never will be, and liberals are as elitist as conservatives. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

American Political Dumbness

It really is our fault. Common. Snap out of it! Generation after generation we see nothing really changes politically. It is the same ole same ole. Democrats, Republicans, Republicrats.We are truly political idiots. We have no knowledge of politics outside of the corporate news media.My favorite phrase is ‘When are they going to learn?” They already have and that is why they do what they do.Looking at the results
We in America are a politically closed minded people. We have the power of change and yet we will not do it. We believe political myths.
1.People of alternative parties cannot win.2.Alternative Parties steal votes.3.Why throw away my vote when the Candidate cannot win.4.The Democrats are America’s far left party.
The fact is we can win. In the Early days the socialist Party was America’s third party. We actually had 13 locals in places like Oklahoma. Our Mayors had record accomplishments and ran the Cities well.
In Europe there are ten parties on the ballot. Each with a similar or degree of difference. Liberal, Conservative, Green, and Socialist. No one believes in the myth of vote stealing.People have free will and vote their conscious. It would be impossible for Nader to steal votes. People who voted for Nader, did so because they wanted to and thought he was a better choice than Gore.
Eugene V Debs said, “ Why vote for someone who will win and not deliver, than vote for someone who will lose, yet fulfill your desires.” Vote isn’t always a vote for a winner, but for some one who will best represent you and the form of Government you want.
The Democrats are a Right Centrist Party. They stopped being a Leftist Part after Bobby Kennedy.
American culture and society is a massive failure. We are an Anti social society based in selfishness and arrogance. In the last election the big winners in the Alternative Party movement where the Libertarians, and National Constitution. One reflecting the Selfish values of Ian Rand, The other a Theocracy. This shows most Americans do not care about Democracy.The Libertarians have a good rap, they are good on personal liberties. But they are a economic and social disaster. The National Constitution Party wants the dark ages to comeback.Why do people seek socialism world wide? Because it is the only form of Politics that addresses the needs of the people. Socialism isn’t Communism. Many are Democratic Social Democrats. We need a excellent, growing Socialist Party in America. Find one and join one. find the substance and courage to make real change.

The Future of Work

The future of work can be bright. Work is good. Our job futures look very bleak. The Republicrats offer band aid programs and will not tell us the truth about work and our way of life.The Democrats keep bringing up the American Dream as if it where obtainable by all.It isn’t. Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps is the Horatio Alger myth. That we can have a business, a big house, two cars in every garage.In America we can do anything, be anything, and become anything. Not true. Our Dreams are shallow and materialistic. Most of all, destructive.There is a certain madness to the American Dream. I hear it all the time. I work at work, than I work at home. Owning a big house and having to take care of a big yard eats up all my time.I travel to work two hours, work nine hours a day, than two hours back. Than I have house hold chores. It is all pressure, part of the Rat Race.Don’t think what you own belongs to you. If you are foreclosed, you loose your treasured possessions, family photos, videos, music, your pets wind up in a animal shelter, your friends. Your home can be taken in tax liens. In New Jersey taxes can be up to $9,000 on a house.Yet , everyone preaches the American Dream as if they we live in an Amway world.At the DNC National Convention, the Dems sounded like and Amway demonstration.Hilary Clinton thought $9.00 and hour would be a great minimum wage.It takes about $20 an hour to live in NJ.Most people loosing their jobs will make substandard wages. I know a women who worked at a company for years, as she made $54,000. She didn’t have a college degree. With or with out a college degree, she will never see that money again.Most chain stores will only hire part time. Grocery centers hire part time so their employees will not Unionize.The Factories are gone for good. Factories sucked to work at anyway. The homes of Slave Labor.Work doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We all work. Much work can be enjoyable if it were not for bosses and hours.Most people say the fell a sleep at work and many think they work too many hours. Many travel too far. People in general say they are unsatisfied with their jobs. There are books, “Unjobbing” By Michael Fogler, “Freedom From Work”, “The End of Work.” By Jeremy Rifkin.In Ralph Bellamy’s book, “Looking Backward.” Tells about a new society. People make their own work.In production I see awesome robots building things humans did. A bread Company through automation once made 1,000,000 loaves of bread a week, with 25,000 employees. Now it makes 1,000,000 loaves a day with 500 employees, and through future automation, 2,000,000 loaves with 5 employees. * Not an actual, but close projection. People in the future can have work they can value. The Futurists lists the top ten jobs of the future.
OUT •Stockbrokers, Auto Dealers, Mail Carriers, Insurance & Real Estate Agents •Teachers •Printers •Stenographers •CEO’s •Orthodontists •Prison Guards •Truckers •Housekeepers •Fathers *********IN •Issue Engineers •Gene Programmers •Pharmers •Organic Monitors •Data Miners •Hot-Line Handymen •Virtual Reality Actors •Narrowcasters •Turing Testers •Knowledge Engineers
OUT - Repetitive, inventory tracking, middlemen. •Insurance Sales •Investment bankers, brokers •Travel agents •Car dealers •Video store clerks •Printers •Newspaper production and delivery (but not news production and delivery) ********IN - Creative work requiring lots of common sense and working with people. •Entertainment - Writers, performers, actors •Software •Science and Technology •Services - Chauffeurs, maids, personal trainers & assistants, police, lawyers, teachers, tutors, tour guides, hotel personnel, yard workers, etc. •Skilled & Craft - Construction, repair, sanitation, highway crews, park service, teachers. •Information services - Infrastructure construction & repair, fiber, cable, satellites, etc. •Medical, Healthcare & Biotechnology - Low to high skilled
All meaningful jobs. And the internet lets be our own Record Company, Movie Makers,Artists, business people. Check out http://www.lulu.com/We can have a 32 hour work week, living wage, six weeks paid vacation. And we can have more. The Future really can be now. Life and work doesn’t have to suck. So, not everyone has to work at Wal-Mart, Target, the local Burger Joint at crap wages.The future can be bright for all and we should be able to have the career we want with out the dictates of government and family. And above all Corporations.

Work 101

One thing I cannot gather is the Work Ethic. People who worship work. I believe the reason people worship work is because they have empty lives with no talent or creativity. That is not saying work is bad. Work is a good thing.
As the saying goes, with out work, the art suffers. That means if we commit ourselves to working on our endeavors, we can do excellent things. The work ethic should be excellence of execution. It should be doing what we aspire.
We live in a world that demands work enforcement. Everyone wants everyone else to work at the chain stores, The fast food joints, and retail operations, and the mindless mind numbing jobs because each of us subscribes to a poisonous work ethic. Capitalism isn’t about fulfilling our aspirations, it is about controlling people. It is about service.
But what about all those people who’s dreams have come true? What about all those people who have become successful entrepreneurs? What about the rewards of Capitalism? The rewards are actually few and far between.
OK, sometimes the system works. But the rate of success and attainment is still only 10%. Why? Because we are forced to work.
Now let me correct myself. There is a difference between work and a job. A Job is where you are forced to go and do things for the sake of money, which will not even cover living a life or attainment of all things humane. Frequently people work 70 hours a week to make ends meet. There is no quality to life.
Many people do work with out pay. In my example I was forced to take care of my sick father, do painting and landscaping, help my senior neighbors. All without pay. A quality Universal Income would have help me with getting paid for the work I was doing.
So, people seem to work with out getting paid for it. Since our money is is paid out by the US government and not corporations, being tied into corporate pay is slavery. Each person in the world works at something. House work, looking for a job, cutting your grass, helping your community.
The problem, there is no endless supply of jobs. There never was and never will be. And yet, most nations of this world keep their people down and out because they to control their populace.
Wealthy women get millions of dollars when divorcing their husbands for doing work they do not even do themselves. Judges reward millions of dollars to these women as if they worked in coal mines. We should all have it so bad. Yet the world looks down on welfare mothers. People who have no money to raise their families.
People should be able to collect Universal Income with out the government controlling their lives and relegating people to jobs they do not want. But than again, people aren’t getting a living wage, nor a living social security. While billionaires are getting billions in free money from the government, who is going to bail out the people? No one in the two party government. Which is why we should join adequate socialist parties.
The money is there for a Universal Income and all other social programs.
Than there is the continuation of wealth. The is the son of a millionaire who is an artist. A fairly horrible one to say. But his father, a wealthy Los Angeles Capitalist, pays for his art to be exhibited and he has contacts around the world in which his son displays his crappy art.
When we thing of the millions of talented people out there who are working at drug stores, chain stores, and mindless crappy jobs, they do not have families who could buy their success.
Success today is bought and paid for. Many people will not become successful or even fulfill their aspirations because they come from the wrong segment of society. A segment of society whose only guilt is coming from a working class family.
During the cold war we where told that in communist countries that peoples lives where controlled. They had no freedoms, and could not even become what they wanted. The government would even regulate them to jobs they had no choice of getting. But this has always been the case in America too. If you are a wage slave, it certainly isn’t the America that was promised.

Than there as the peace dividend. After the cold war we where suppose to have livable lives. quality jobs and better pay and social progress.
This never happened, when Ronald Reagan was elected, we went from a creditor nation to a debtor nation. Our future has been under mind and we now have conservative values that dehumanize people.
“You are what you do.” “You are your job.” “Without a job you are nothing.” “Hard work builds character.”
(it doesn’t)
People are forever relegated to the bottom. People have no access to education or a way to fulfill their aspirations. People can make there aspirations there work with a Universal Income.
That starving artist working at the crap jobs can be an artist, and the artist can work at his craft and display his artistry, people can develop their talents be be who they where suppose to be. People can share thiner talents with the world.
Eugene V Debs said, ” I wish the Industries would use their patents so they can have machines to do the work of people, and we can compete as artists do.”
It isn’t just about artists, how about writers, or someone who may wish to spread their religious word
and cultivate their spirituality. (Soteasan) Chung Bil Park once said, “As industrial society develops, cultivate spiritual society.”
Your free time could be your work. How many people have turned there hobbies into businesses? How many people have stands at Flea Markets (Swap Meets)?
A Livable Universal Income would allow this. Along with a living wage and benefits.
Not all work is bad work. Some estimate that 75% of all jobs are useless. But than again, how many people would make great Doctors, lawyers, Para-medics, Infrastructure Repair people.
There is a great future for jobs, yet many people will be left out. The will have a lack of education, come from the wrong University of College, come from the wrong segment of society. The truth is there is always a disposable segment of society where people are not seen as human beings.
Educations should be free. We should aim for a more free and equal society. One that sustain peoples self esteem and gives people a worthy life.
The mindless mind numbing jobs and the dirty jobs should be done by teenagers. Sort of as a life boot camp so they can appreciate the good jobs. Life should be a bit difficult in the early years so that we can grow and love what we do in the future.
Work and jobs are not bad things, our approach to them is what is wrong. One economist once said in the future, there will be to workers at a factory. A Man and a Dog. The man will feed the dog, and the dog will keep man away from machines.
Jobs grow and evolve with history and man. Now is the time for human history to evolve and deliver a more promising life.
The future can be bright, we have many social problems. These can be solved. No job should be seen as a permanent job because life changes and the needs of life and the machinery of society changes with it.
Sad to say the dream jobs are just for people who are well connected.
In the future I believe the Internet and computers will set bus free,w e can work at out Artisan-ship through this media because there will be, eventually enough room for everyone.
How ever the big corporations still dominate taking the luster and effort away from all. Cities and communities are run buy corporations leaving the little guy out. Our Work in the future will be in the activism to change the world and deliver us into a real democracy away from a corporate dominated world.
One cannot say work is bad. It took work to create this article. work has beneficial effects of helping us commune with society, make new friends and have some old ones. It achieves getting needed tasks done. Sometimes, if not more often to the benefit of society.

And They Call It Democracy

Democracy is suppose to be the very heart and soul of our Political lives. But do what we know what Democracy is, how it functions, and how it is suppose to manifest itself?I believe we in America in particular we do not do Democracy well, nor even care about it. With conservatives Freedom and Democracy are hollow words. How could the Party that always violate Civil Liberties and introduces the Patriot Act, be for freedom and Democracy?When we speak about Free Speech, most people really hate it. Many want people controlled. Some people think the Constitution is Democracy. It isn’t. It is just a reflection of it.Many people thought Barak Obama was a Muslim. And if he where, in a real Democracy, with democratic thinking people, that wouldn’t even be a question.So, what if he where a Muslim.Take a look at Ballot Access. In Some States It takes 64,000 signers of a Petition to be on the ballot. Many States have prohibitive laws that allow fair and equal access.Now, isn’t that denying people freedom of choice? Isn’t that denying people the chance to change there government? Or even elect someone with different ideas than the two party system? Many Alternative Party Candidates are either censored, or vilified in the Press.In one election, as I am a frequent candidate, One Democratic opponent accused the Alternative Parties of not supporting his cause and that we only serve to confuse. The Democrats are hostile to change more so than the Republicans.Aren’t the Democrats suppose to be our Liberal Party that supports Civil Rights?Actually, Alternative Parties serve to expose. If thou are confuse, that is your problem.In Europe, there are ten political parties on the Ballot. During a primary election, held on the same day, all opposing party candidates are voted for. The Top Three winners go on to the November Elections. If the Top Two are close they move on to a December election in and instant run off.There are also many public referendums that the People Vote on. In 1992 the Italians voted on how there Congress would work.Thusly, we have the suppression of Ideas. How about some issue, like The Universal Income? A Living Wage? Workers Rights? A 32 hour work week? Sustainable and Livable Communities?It is hard to trust the Democrats. We know what the Republicans are about. But not all Democrats are Liberal. Many are as Conservative, if not more destructive than there counter parts. (Liberal democrats now are pretending to be Green).Than there are our Citizens. Who fails Democracy more than We the People? Our national attitude blows.We look at that guy at the Burger Restaurant, and we never see that server as Human. He is there, he must serve us, and that is where we want him. Why should he go to college, or improve his life? No, we like him where is at. Over worked, underpaid, unable to have a decent life. But we want him there serving our burgers.At Chicago O’hare Air Port I heard one guy rant. That these people behind counters are androids.No one should have a job choice or career, we live to be served and we like being served, as long as it is not us doing the serving. I sometimes believe we really are proponents of slavery.OK folks here we go. Democracy 101. Democracy is a system of government where people have the freedom and liberty to choose their own destiny. Where people can vote for whom we wish and change our government.It also attributes the rights, freedoms, and liberties afforded to all citizens.The freedom to move about. Make choices concerning your life with out a paternalistic government interfering.
For instance, if a women wants to have an abortion, she free will she should be able too because it is her body and her life choice. No one has ever proved that a fetus is a life.In many cases Wealthy women can go to France and have Abortions, yet, poorer womenare stuck. In England, British women help Irish women go to England to have abortionsbecause Ireland still hasn’t legalized abortion. It exists as a semi theocracy.
How about Guys? Aren’t trying to be who they are and pursue there lives with the liberty and freedom all Heterosexuals enjoy? Argues all you want about homosexuality.The facts are, they are here, they are queer, and they aren’t going anywhere. They have been here since time began and they will be here long after we are gone.
We enjoy in the United States some freedom and liberties as citizens. The Governments job is to protect our rights and privileges.
If anyone remembers Faruk Abdul Muhti, he was a political prisoner who died young.He was on a TV Show Called Democracy Now! Speaking about Rights and SweatshopsWhen he was arrested for being a Palestinian. He spent two years in Prison, and denied healthcare for his heart condition.A Judge in York, Pennsylvania couldn’t believe this was happening here in the USA. She set him free. Six months later he died from long term denial of his medications.
Where was his Democracy?
While Billionaires are given billions in Corporate bailouts and welfare, where is our war on poverty? The Indigent are not free.
We in America are bad with Democracy. The news lies to us everyday and gives us no alternatives to request. Our media does our thinking for us and we are hardwired into factoids that are not on par with the Democratic process.
It amazes me after we had a fake cold war with the Soviet Union. We said they where evil and human rights abusers. And yet, we let Mexico and China get away with the same.
Remember the Philippines Revolution. When brutal Dictator Emmanuel Marcos was deposed. George Shultz said we will miss a dear friend. The people of the Philippines expect us to celebrate their freedom and new Democracy. We didn’t.

America The Stupid

Americans really are the most stupid political people on Earth. I heard it from foreigners from the time I was a child. I know this to be true.So what makes Americans so stupid? We are uneducated and dense and we have no real appreciation of Democracy.When I speak about democracy and its principles to most people, they tend to tilt there heads and disagree. People like the notion of Democracy, but deep down we really despise it.When I was in school my high school history teacher gave us a book called “The principals of Democracy.” We also have “The Great State Papers” Content-Bill of Rights, Constitution of the USA and New Jersey.The NJ Constitution is more Democratic-Article 2 tells us we can change our Government. Article 18 gives us the right to collective bargaining, which is unionizing.If we really care about Democracy, why do we vote for Democrats and Republicans? What is the addiction? The Republicrats are the same Party with two wings.Ballot access for Independent and Alternative Parties is oppressive in most States. Some Presidential Candidates an only run in 13 states.In Many foreign Countries, there are ten political parties on the ballot. In a Primary, the top three winners go on the General Election. If the race between the top two is close they have an instant run off a month later.You can speak to people and get political stupidities. When discussing third parties a person will say something like, “What is a third guy going to do?There is no Third Guy, Third Party. And there shouldn’t be third Parties-Alternative Parties. Than there are the issues. We are a Nation with out a notion. We let TV defineOur issues. Than when we think independently and vote independently we vote for Parties like The Libertarians and Constitution Parties. I admire the Libertarian stance on personal liberties. But there approach to life and economics is Catastrophic. Where in the world are people seeking Libertopia?I ran for office on issues like a Living Wage, Universal Income, Workers Rights, and more. One guy who had nothing to say, who’s only Campaign slogan was Rock the Boat, he received 1,200, while I got 519. Another Candidate, who was a neo-fascist type, received 1,300 votes, while a candidate of enlightenment received 1,400 votes.We like nuts like Ross Perot, and we shut down people who are more for the people.The point is, if you get someone who is more entertaining than real, that person will win the popularity contest. People vote on popularity, not because the candidate has substance.Republicans are very ignorant, we know where they stand. Liberals are funny. Many people I protest with think the Democrats are a Socialist Party.I went to the RNC National Convention in New York City. Many Democrats where carrying Radical signs and thinking there man, was a man of peace.He wasn’t and he no Labor or Anti Poverty Platforms. No ideas about improving the quality life.I said to these people, how do you feel that you are in a Party that doesn’t represent you? They look at you perplexed and say nothing or, one of these days the Party will come around and deliver. Why not Join a Socialist Party and would from there? Oh Independents can’t win. They can if you vote for them.Then there is that look of perplexity. The best was during the cold war. We where fighting the mighty Russian Communist Bear. Trying to tell people there was a difference between Communism and Socialism.Used to tell people about Socialism in Western Europe. (Sweden and Denmark.)These people would look at you perplexed and say, aren’t these countries neutral. Yes, they where neutral, but every country has an inner politics and political parties.Karl Marx was right about the proletariat. In America we are a nation of success junkies and we hate the poor. People in America are always looking up thinking their day will arrive and they will be millionaires and better than the rest.In a supermarket you’ll hear someone say, gosh these steaks are expensive! Then some conservative hunch-brain will say-“Oh, I can afford that! Or, my goodness, train fare is expensive. Hunchy will say. “Oh, well, I can still afford a ticket.” In America we rudely do not commiserate. In European Nations they do.No one in the world could stand to see there fellow human with out health care. In America we don’t mind other peoples suffering, as long as it isn’t us. In Long Branch NJ, Contractors where using imminent domain to take people houses from them. Many Citizens didn’t care. Than when more homes where taken, all of a sudden, those people where seeking others to sympathize. No dice.Than, when it happened some more, than the future victims where dismayed because no one cared. Than there is Michael Moore, a professed Socialist voting for Obama. If Mike where really into it why doesn’t he join or start a meaningful Socialist Party?Our Non-practice of Democracy has hurt us and we loose credibility in the eyes of the world. And we have already lost that credibility.

Cooperative Economy

The economy is bleak. It is believed, however, that there are adequate solutions to the current global crisis.
During the Democratic National Convention, all I heard was Amway-like philosophy such as entrepreneurialism and competition.The global economy actually needs to change to a more cooperative economy based on need, rather than profit.
Starting with the United States, what we need to do first are these things:
Have the government nationalize all the major industries. They should become partly government owned. Also, they should exist as democratically controlled agencies. When workers control the means of production, there is quality in the workplace and quality for consumers. Place salary caps on all professional executives, eliminating excessive salaries with golden parachutes.
Decentralize the confiscated companies, and keep them as they existed as separate corporations.
Replace the executives who created this mess with new executives with regulated contracts controlling and making their efforts available to public inspection. Accountability and responsibility is the main feature. No one will be able to take a bath in the people’s money.
Arrest and confiscate all the assets of past executives and their golden parachutes. Return that money to the people. The government can use these assets to counter costs of the buyout.
Future allocations of money for new enterprises, such as solar and ecological initiatives, should be implemented with a special program that allows for public enterprise of newly created corporations that are democratically controlled. No more handouts for millionaires and billionaires.
Have the CEOs and executives stand trial for their crimes, and have them sentenced in a just and speedy trial.
Make privatization unconstitutional, and take back all entities sold off without our permission. It is time to end the millionaire/billionaire mentality as the only answer to economic stimulation. It seems Reaganomics finally reared its head and nothing trickled down for anyone who doesn’t have power or influence. It was a disaster 20 years in the making.
If our forefathers had only seen this, our constitution would be different today. Maybe they should have experimented with socialism. Conservative Alexander Hamilton did when he founded the Paterson Society of Useful Manufacturers — one of history’s great businesses and co-operatives that was worker owned and operated.

Universal Income

The Universal Income or Basic Income Grant isa concept dreived from people like John Locke in the 1800's. Out side of National Healt Care, the UI is the most important political initiative of our time.Mostly Jobs are mindless, boring people management jobs. And they pay very low, wage slavery is still in existence.The welfare system is also slavery. People work for free in State and County pimping operations.There is also an argument that it would bankrupt the country. This Nation seems to have money for everything. $250,000,000,000 for Corporations to big to fail. Another $150,000,000,000 for Automotive industry. NJ Governor Whitman gave Steve Wynn $20,000,000 not to build the Mirage Casino. There seems to be plenty of money for Capitalists, but none for the people.We should be fighting for the universal Income, a livable Social Security. ( ALong with Sustainable and Livable Communities and social programs that work.90% of people min this world live in poverty. In the United States the Success rate is still 90%, which means most of us never get opportunities.We cannot make everyone a millionaire, and not everyone can be a brain surgeon.But should we manage and perpetuate surplus population?This isn't mere Utopia. Here is how we can eliminate poverty all together.1. Enact the UI.2. Perpetuate a Public Works Program ( Americorps/Vista Volunteers)3. Reduce the work hour to 30 hurs.4. Introduce a living wage.5. Make it our mission to build livable sustainable communities.
Wont the Universal Income make us lazy, where will the initiative to work be?People wish to fulfill their aspirations. This means people get paid for personal productivity. I took care of my sick father 15 years. I never saw a dime for it.I done personal work and shouldn't I be paid for it? Being tied to a job and getting paid by a Corporation is a form of slavery. It is people management by the Government in behalf of Corporations.But people will not appreciate things because they didn't earn them!The government isn't the attitude police.Aren't the factories coming back?Snap out of it, the industrial age is over. Factories suck to work in anyway.One economist once said, a factory of the future will have two employees. a man and a dog. The man will feed the dog, and the dog will keep man away from machines.The big thing is deskilling of labor. Work evolves and old jobs disappear. Robotics and Automation will take over.Even non Socialists are writing books Like "Work Sucks" and "Killing the 40 hour work week."If Chinese and Slave labor where not economical, all factories would be mechanized.What are some of the benefits of the UI?
Well, you will not be in perpetual poverty. Lets look at others.1. Your Brother in Law can live in his own.2. Your Mother or Mother In-law will not be forced to move in with you.3. The Crime rate will plummet.4. You can make rent with out worry.5. Your Ex will not need alimony.6. You will not have to support you Parents. ( A Livable Social Security will fix that)7. You'll be free to afford to leave your Job8. You can afford to eat.9. You afford transportation.10. You can have a dignified life with out becoming the government @!$%#.
Also, it creates jobs to economic stimulation But we will need regulations like price control and price gouging. And we need to control the Republicans who will try and undermine all this.Martin Luther King said," I cannot see how not installing a Income For all will not lead to emancipation. I seen thing else that could heal poverty." See a good old socialist handout is a good thing. Our next mission is the Universal income. Deploy Forces!

Universal Income

The Universal Income or Basic Income Grant isa concept dreived from people like John Locke in the 1800's. Out side of National Healt Care, the UI is the most important political initiative of our time.Mostly Jobs are mindless, boring people management jobs. And they pay very low, wage slavery is still in existence.The welfare system is also slavery. People work for free in State and County pimping operations.There is also an argument that it would bankrupt the country. This Nation seems to have money for everything. $250,000,000,000 for Corporations to big to fail. Another $150,000,000,000 for Automotive industry. NJ Governor Whitman gave Steve Wynn $20,000,000 not to build the Mirage Casino. There seems to be plenty of money for Capitalists, but none for the people.We should be fighting for the universal Income, a livable Social Security. ( ALong with Sustainable and Livable Communities and social programs that work.90% of people min this world live in poverty. In the United States the Success rate is still 90%, which means most of us never get opportunities.We cannot make everyone a millionaire, and not everyone can be a brain surgeon.But should we manage and perpetuate surplus population?This isn't mere Utopia. Here is how we can eliminate poverty all together.1. Enact the UI.2. Perpetuate a Public Works Program ( Americorps/Vista Volunteers)3. Reduce the work hour to 30 hurs.4. Introduce a living wage.5. Make it our mission to build livable sustainable communities.
Wont the Universal Income make us lazy, where will the initiative to work be?People wish to fulfill their aspirations. This means people get paid for personal productivity. I took care of my sick father 15 years. I never saw a dime for it.I done personal work and shouldn't I be paid for it? Being tied to a job and getting paid by a Corporation is a form of slavery. It is people management by the Government in behalf of Corporations.But people will not appreciate things because they didn't earn them!The government isn't the attitude police.Aren't the factories coming back?Snap out of it, the industrial age is over. Factories suck to work in anyway.One economist once said, a factory of the future will have two employees. a man and a dog. The man will feed the dog, and the dog will keep man away from machines.The big thing is deskilling of labor. Work evolves and old jobs disappear. Robotics and Automation will take over.Even non Socialists are writing books Like "Work Sucks" and "Killing the 40 hour work week."If Chinese and Slave labor where not economical, all factories would be mechanized.What are some of the benefits of the UI?
Well, you will not be in perpetual poverty. Lets look at others.1. Your Brother in Law can live in his own.2. Your Mother or Mother In-law will not be forced to move in with you.3. The Crime rate will plummet.4. You can make rent with out worry.5. Your Ex will not need alimony.6. You will not have to support you Parents. ( A Livable Social Security will fix that)7. You'll be free to afford to leave your Job8. You can afford to eat.9. You afford transportation.10. You can have a dignified life with out becoming the government @!$%#.
Also, it creates jobs to economic stimulation But we will need regulations like price control and price gouging. And we need to control the Republicans who will try and undermine all this.Martin Luther King said," I cannot see how not installing a Income For all will not lead to emancipation. I seen thing else that could heal poverty." See a good old socialist handout is a good thing. Our next mission is the Universal income. Deploy Forces!

Universal Income (2004)

CLAWS INTERVIEW FORUM RESULTThis is a exchange between Creating Living Alternative To Wage Slavery. As Socialists, we view oursleves as a labor party, but we are also a leisure party. 1. Why should People Collect a Basic Income Grant?To not share the wealth of a society in an equitable way is to ensure suffering, strife and will inhibit the evolution of both the individual and the group involved.2. Aren't people who don't want to work lazy? Shouldn't they contribute to Society?Everyone able should contribute to the society but this in no way requires anyone to have a dead-end job with subsistence wages and questionable benefits. All that are able should be required to supply a variety of services in their community at times as well as be encouraged to explore their natural talents and abilities.3. Some people think everyone can have a job, and that welfare recipients are leeches of society. What is your view?I do not agree, though the current welfare system is detrimental to both the recipient and the society. Based on the economic model that is currently utilized by the society of the USA not everyone can have a job. In fact the economic strategist plan and manipulate the system so that labor is always in abundance and therefore cheap thus ensuring that not all will be employed and that many who are will be under-employed and involved in meaningless labors.4. How would people handle a leisure society? Wouldn't their be work created through leisure?From personal experience I would say that those who are now or recently have been employed in a position where they willingly apply themselves to their tasks will have a more difficult time making the transition than their counterparts who have not invested so much of themselves into their work. The question should not be whether their will be more work created but rather whether it would more useful and satisfying work on both an individual level as well as a societal level.5. Is the economy really doing well, and is it an employee's market?The economy is based on false assumptions and many inequalities and thus has never worked well for all the participants. At present it is doing great damage to the environment and to any people that are not positioned in it's hierarchy.6. Are there any examples of good companies to work for that are progressive?What yardstick is 'Good' qualified by and who decided what standard is used? There are many well meaning people and thus well meaning companies and some that are called progressive or enlightened. But as they are subject to the rules of the current system of economics and the inertia of their underlying cultural beliefs I have yet to find any G'ood' (for the individuals, for the company, for all societies and for the environment) companies. Maybe I haven't looked enough. I would love to hear from anyone about "Good' companies out there.7. What political organizations do you support?At present none.* It should be noted CLAWS isn't part of the SPUSA and many CLAWS may or may not have political affiliations.8. Tell us a bit about the world of work today. The Harris Poll says Everyone is satisfied with their jobs. Is that true?No everyone is not happy with their work today. In fact a great number are not happy on some level (generally more than one). Personally I find the general concept of work in this culture (USA) supports and in fact forces people to become so busy with either work or the prospect of surviving that the possibility for a true democracy is undermined. In addition, the amount of work required has increased for many individuals which translates into less time for individuals/families to evolve and grow in meaningful ways. Work as it is currently contrived too often dehumanizes and thus steals true life experience from those who must work. Quite frankly there is a great deal of unnecessary work being performed and the workload as well as the benefits of it are not equitably shared. This leads to greater class distinction/differences and undermines the very concepts basic to a true democracy and leads to unneeded suffering and strife. It's a well designed machine ensuring that power and privilege stays in the hand of the few, and I'll add, any hope of true enlightenment for the masses.Thank you for the opportunity to not only express my current views but also by being involved with providing a forum where I might learn more via the comments/experiences of others.Chuck Kilmer n_b_check.gif";

Democratic Socialism

Wow, it seems like the word Socialism is in the media. And it seems that many still have no clue what it is. There are many varieties of Socialism (similar to religious denomination) which can make matters confusing. I essence Democratic Socialists, (Social Democrats) define that what we wish to achieve is a Fair and equitable system of government.Wealth is created through both physical and mental labor by working people. Moreover, all creation of wealth in modern society is a collective and cooperative effort The capitalist distribution of wealth, however, pays little attention to these realities. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few rather than in the hands of the many who created it. Socialism isn't about high taxes or loss of personal property.One person can say they takes risks to go into businesses, yet it is th laborers who earn that wealth. There is an ever increasing - and entirely unjustified - gap between rich and poor. Socialism aims to correct this crucial problem. It aims to reduce the gap between rich and poor as much as possible and give workers more control over their own work and the wealth they create. Socialism favors an active, responsible state that owns and manages vital services (water, gas, electricity, public transport, etc.) for the benefit of the people, that guides the economy to serve the needs of the many rather than the profits of the few, and that guarantees a better standard of living including, free health care, education, and a universal income, and more. •Of course these are socialist values: Sovereignty of the people. •Government based upon consent of the governed. •Majority rule. •Minority rights. •Guarantee of basic human rights. •Free and fair elections. •Equality before the law. •Due process of law. •Constitutional limits on government. •Social, economic, and political pluralism. •Values of tolerance, pragmatism, cooperation, and compromiseYou understand, socialism isn’t about laziness, handouts, accommodating irresponsibility. We realize our Capitalist culture vilifies socialism because of its fear. We expose the system for what it really is and we choose a higher path.We do not see these values as being week, we see them as strengths in personhood. Capitalism see people as a means to an end as exploitation for profit, Socialism see people as human beings and wishes to free them.The Arts. Economic growth, and enlightenment have come out of Socialism.Eugene V Debs, Socialist Party of America founder and Presidential candidate said, “I am a Socialist, because I am for Humanity.” The Socialist Party of America was once America’s third party. Out side of the Whigs, the SPA was the first Third Party to garner over one million votes.One writer even calls the SPA the most influential party in America. We have to remember, The Public Library, Post Office, and Social Security are all socialist ideas.Do we have Socialism in America? Yes and no. The New Deal and Great Society was loosely based on Socialist principals. When Norman Thomas, five times presidential candidate was asked how he felt about the Democrats brining in his programs he replied that they brought them in coffin.But he also said, The Democrats are capable of brining in and entire socialist program with out using the word, we may have socialism.I somehow doubt it. As long as there are only two Parties, that may become impossible.However I wish Barak Obama the best of luck. He seems to be the best thing we have had in America in decades. Lets hope we get something better than we gotten in the past.