Monday, July 19, 2010

American Labor Party Points

What is Democratic Socialism?

It is a Economic and Political system based in fairness and equity. It advocate Public Ownership as in Municipal and State Governments by the people. It forms a radical democracy placing peoples lives in their own hands through democratically controlled institutions, such as banks, utility, businesses, and co-operatives. Democratic Socialism is synonymous with Democracy.

What does a Democratic Socialist Party do?

It brings social and economic justice into our lives. It combats poverty, worker exploitation. It also improves the quality of life in society fostering a better world too live through social programs and public initiatives which improves the quality of life. These include Sustainable and livable communities, Public enterprise, alternative energies, green planning. It denies corporate welfare, socialism for the rich, rich people perks and abatement.

Is a Socialist Party a multi tendency Party?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean we accept Trotskyites and Communists. And we can work with Democrats, Greens, and other Socialist who are on this same page. We will not compromise our fight against Capitalism and we have visions and ideas that come from us and others who’s ideas are sound and for the people.

Te American Labor Party is in Favor of The Socialist International!

We agree that the Socialist International membership has had massive failures. But they have also had massive successes. Like free education, free health care, improving the quality of life. Workers rights and other programs. Amongst the Happiest Countries in the world the top 7 all have had Socialist and Labor Parties. We would like to change the third way and neo-liberal values. We believe we can be an asset.

Why a Labor Party?

Because Labor is how we survive. We have a multitude of issues to fight for, but first and foremost, We are about Labor and Anti Poverty. Once we solve those issues our new Revolution can be successful. We are no Different from our USA forefathers in a fight for Freedom and Democracy. Even George Washing ton thought we should have a Revolution every 200 years to rebuild our Democracy and fight off Imperialistic governments.

What will we do?

We will fight for the freedom and liberty of people who agree with us and some who do not. We believe people should freedom in their lives and electorate, and the USA should be a true Democracy in every sense of the word. We believe in a Social Democracy, economic democracy, and human rights, and a better world.


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  3. The American Labor Party was a political party in the United States, which was active almost exclusively in the state of New York.

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