Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The concept of Libertarianism isn't new. It is largely based on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand. Who was an anti-Charles Dickens writer. She hated Compassion and was a wealthy person cheerleader. Now, Horatio Alger wasn't a libertarian, he was just a man who wrote books about adventurous people. Despite his remarkable literary output, Alger never became rich from his writing. According to history, he gave most of his money to homeless boys and in some instances was actually conned out of his earnings by boys he tried to help. His books expressed an optimistic wholesomeness.What is Libertarianism?Libertarian conservatism, also known as conservative libertarianism (and sometimes called right-libertarianism), describes certain political ideologies which attempt to meld libertarian and conservative ideas, often called "fusionism."Neo-libertarians usually have combined a generally neoconservative outlook with a more pragmatic method. Traditionally, Libertarians where for personal liberties, with out Government interference. Smaller Government.Many today are against abortion and other liberties. This makes them seem like the loony fringe of Republicanism. As if Republicanism isn't loony in itself.Libertarianism is a dangerous form of Politics. Especially its economic philosophy.Libertarians believe Corporations can take care of everything and government should be run by corporations. They even believe the military should be in the hands of the corporations. Their philosophy is, if you're wealthy hooray for you, if you are poor, boo for you.Ronald Reagan used libertarian economics in his "Tickle Down Economics" theory.He brought the Nation in deficit with record spending. George Bush sr. went along with it and by the Clinton administration Crashed our Economy.George Bush Junior went full blown on Libertarian economics and this caused a major depression. Deregulation caused massive greed and allowed for the wealthy to legally rip off the public in which millions are out of work and lost their homes. The taxes are excessive on the poor and almost completely alleviated from the Rich. Bolivia's conservative government tried Libertarian Economics and the National economy crashed. This sent the Nation into turmoil. Evo Morales, Socialist, is now President of Bolivia and has improved its economic state.Privatization is a core belief in libertarianism. That means The Public entity is sold to private hands. The Constitution and other items no longer apply. Also, corporations make a profit on once publically own land. The public loses a profit and income thusly making property taxes soar. Also under private control, corporations are not headquartered in the community and Community services soon deteriorate.Also, Social Justice plays no factor. Libertarians believe that if an employer wishes not to higher an albino just because that person is an albino, because that business is his, he should have to higher an albino.
Libertarians do not believe social justice is both an important issue in politics, religion and civil society. Most individuals wish to live in a just society. The term "social justice" is often employed by the political left to describe a society with a greater degree of economic egalitarianism, which may be achieved through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution, policies aimed toward achieving that which developmental economists refer to as equality of opportunity and equality of outcome.Libertarians believe in a sink or swim society. Sorting out winners from losers. One can admire their view of the work ethic, self suffiecncy, and self control, but feel no obligations toward society. They embrace Anarchic-Capitalism. Business and industry without rules.That means there could be no regulations for a industry that pollutes the environment. If a product is ill manufactured and causse harm to a family member, the company isn't responsible, you are because you bought the product and are responsible for your purchase. Libertarianism means no consumer protection. Landlords can charge what they want for rent. Restaurants can serve bad food, Contractors can screw up your house and get away with it. The Police and Schools would be in the hands of private enterprise There would be no labor protection. (as there is now)Libertarians are also gun nuts. Criminals prefer unarmed victims, governments prefer unarmed citizens. You never need a fire arm till you need it badly. Really? I should buy a gun and protect myself from Libertarians?Libertarians believe in smaller government. But smaller government is weaker government. Would you like to live in Afghanistan?Well, let's face it, who in the world is seeking Libertopia? Does anyone want to go with out Health Care, Public schools, Hospitals, a Police Department, Libraries, The Post Office?Libertarianism is a proven failure. There must be a admission somewhere, after all, isn't there symbol the Statue of Liberty? Which is a government owned entity. And they are against Government owned anything.


  1. This article is filled with so many mistakes; I do not have enough time to list them all. But to start off with libertarianism is the heir to classical liberalism of the 19th and 18th centuries. Ayn Rand stated she was not a libertarian, calling them her “enemy”. Many libertarians are libertarian socialist or even anarcho-communists who admire Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Mikhail Bakunin and Emma Goldman. I do not know where you got your information but it’s mostly wrong. Libertarians represent the extreme left, even more so then socialists. Compared to libertarians, a socialist looks conservative. Libertarians are anti-corporation and against big business because they know the corporations get there advantage by using the state to rob the workers. Libertarians are radical revolutionaries who wish to throw off the chains of slavery put onto them by the state.

    If you are really interested in researching libertarianism I would suggest you read more by the revolutionaries I talked about above. I would also suggest you check out and some of the links from These are the real libertarians not the crypto-conservatives who misuse the world libertarian, like Milton Friedman and company.

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