Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Un Real Revolution

The Left has seemed to die after the 1940’s. Back in the day the Left as very sincere and had much influence on people.
Franklins New Deal, and Johnsons Great Society programs where watered down versions of socialism. But they where effective. Only slightly. FDR’s Second Bill of Rights has been passed away from History and the Democratic Party has never fulfilled its promise.
America embrace of the two party system has hurt democracy in America.
The Hippy Revolution was well meaning, but artificial. The Hippies had no attention of getting rid of the two party system. In fact, the hippies where artificial in there Revolution. There excuse wasn’t to get rid of the two party system. It was to maintain, reform and bring it in to enlightenment. And this was to be done by young people who where wet behind the ears themselves.
At least youth stood for something and had a little substance. But even Frank Zappa noted, these people where no different from there parents. I remember one hippy saying they where going to show them how. How to what?
Even today, the Left is stuck in a Clueless Revolution. Still stuck with a 1960’s mentality, they cling to 1960’s values. There is no attempt to obtain Solidarity. One Party tries, The Workers World Party, they include, blacks, whites, latino’s, gays, bi, trans.
There is no strategy, still they are denied access to media, Socialist Parties are still not effective.
Like most, leftists cannot get past the last protest. One can go to many protests and ask people why they are not at least supporting a movements that would be elected and foster change. There is a stupid notion that people can change the world through there organizations. How many peace organization? How many Environmental Organizations? How many fist-waving organizations. And after all that, the world goes on to be the same as it ever was.
Democracy isn’t failing because of the Democrats and Republicans. It is failing because Leftists in America are either in protest groups or fist waving groups, or Fan Clubs like The Democratic Socialists of America or the Labor Party.
The Greens had real possibilities, even Communist and far Left groups had endorsed them. But than Called the Socialist Party USA bourgeois Socialism.
The Greens could have had huge success, but they did not realize. Most Americans indulge themselves for the movement for the moment.
I told the Green to enjoy there moment in the sun. There 10 minutes of fame. Not because I wanted the Greens to die. It is just the way America is, America is country of fads.
America Leftist lack leadership because no one remains true to form. No group reflect democracy, none practice it. In addition, those who are proponents of Democracy are the least to reflect it.
If Americans where truly interested in fostering a genuine Left, they would be doing so right now. That is not happening. A Socialist Strategy must contain recipes for real change and reflect there values true to form.
It is really sad because Americans will completely let go of there democracy and do nothing to protect it. They will go on and on, complain, and never start a real revolution.
The Solution we need is for a major leftist party to be elected to the state house and overturn restrictive election laws. Ballot Access should become easy. Than start a media. MINDTV/WYBE Liberty media in Philly is a great example. That can be put on National Cable. We should also foster a Revolution of Civil Disobedience.
With out advertising, media, and weapons that promote such a thing, such a thing is impossible. Howard Zinn and Michael Moore are wrong. We need a good third party that has sincere people who will win the day. In addition, it must be bigger than the Greens.
We must declare war on poverty, privatization, for Labor and human rights/ we must foster a better society and civilization. This is Socialism. In addition, it is Democracy.
Unlike other countries, even socialist can be mean spirit control freaks that do not see their fellow freedom fighters as brothers. It is all about popularity, control, and self-promotion.
Look at how many parties have power struggle and split. Look how many Democracy Committee seem like Polit Bureaus.
People min these parties will allow there buddies to abuse other members, built you can be thrown out for exercising you free will and mind if you are not a buddy of the control freak in question.
Moreover, the left breaks off into competing interest groups and sells out its credos ever chance it gets…
European Socialism has failed. Nevertheless, is also ahs some incredible successes. This many American Socialist ignore. Funny how so many Socialist have never been to Europe, yet they have uninformed opinions about how things operate.
European Socialist are in the grips of a capitalist, elitist compromise. The parties are lead buy people who forget the poor and workers movement. But at least there are sincere revolutions from below and people are hopeful their parties will one day be genuine socialists.
The Revolution must be lead buy people who are humane and have vision. Socialism and the struggle for democracy. Real Democracy, not democratic centralism. The unreal revolution with the hippy mentality of change the world through organizations and fist waving is the road to failure. The Hippy path failure has lead to the Reagan Era, and The Long Mean Season. The Coolest Generation who thought our generation would save the world was nonsense. Look where that mentality has gotten us today. Reaganomics repeats.
There is surely a plan in Washington to destroy Democracy. We will do nothing about it. let it happen and say what we always say? “Oh well.” We are that apathetic .
If we demand democracy, we may actually be met with a Chinese Democracy situation, where we will be run over by tanks and killed. We are too warm and comfortable for that aren’t we.


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