Sunday, January 10, 2010


Newsvine has nuked our past posts.If they done so to you, because of their Code of Homor policy. They destroyed your creativity and maybe we can launch a class action suit. This is an abuse of power.
The immigrant situation is one that has tested us as a people and we seem to be failing.I went to Italy recently and found out that they had an immigrant problem also. When Communism fell in Albania many Albanians where left in dire poverty and they went to Italy. They saw Italy as if they where coming to America.The Italian government and the European Communities defused this problem by investing in Albania, help build its economy, and give the Albanians a better lot in life.The Albanians no longer immigrated.
It is a different situation here in America, our country is gripped is a crisis where we are failing on almost every level because of our right wing, unenlightened mentalities.America has become a huge cultural failure. We refuse to acknowledge that the reason immigrants are here is because they are unemployed and under employed in there own home lands. They come here and reap more exploitation.
We have this mentality of who is going to do the dirty jobs. I have done them; the dirty jobs are over rated. If you are concerned about the dirty jobs don’t worry who is going to do them- fill out the application. There was a time back in the 70’s when we where moving forward and many books about the future where published. We where suppose to perpetuate a better society where people where free and poverty was suppose to come to an end. And society would be more enjoyable and enlightened.
I went to a town called Pomigliano D Arco in Naples. My cousin showed me the “New”Accomplishments. It seems that there are no longer any ghetto’s. People aren’t persecuted for being poor. The Socialist Parties brought on a more Environmental and cultural consciousness in a city once having problems.
Italy, as the rest of Europe is now ahead of us Socially and Culturally, they are where we where 40 years ago.
Lets not pick on the immigrants, what we need is a new government. One that will bring in new enlightenment and progress. What we may need is a Confederation of American States, A Single Continental Currency, Universal Human and Civil Rights Laws. A Universal Living wage, Full expectance of the UN Charter for Human Rights. If the Immigrants where treated like human beings in there country they wouldn’t be here. If we treated them like human beings, we wouldn’t look at them as doers of the dirty jobs.


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