Sunday, January 10, 2010


We go To construct a Movement of Cooperatives You would revolutionize It thinks about I worse number it of people who brutally are explored in the work, or still, that it does not have job. In we have them a design to fight against this reality. For the path of the cooperativismo, we are creating companies who will be burst democraticamente for the workers, which will be free of scanning. In any company, in them we produce value with our work, but in the capitalist companies, a great part of the value who we produce, goes for the capitalist who lives upper-class with the fruits of our work, while in them we only receive the sufficient one to live today, and to come back to work amanha. In the cooperative, in them we receive the value entire that we produce. In we have created them you vary cooperatives. In GoiĆ¢nia, in them we create a cooperative of trash recycling, and a cooperative of perueiros. In the Mining triangle, we are working with a sector of the movement without land, the MLST of Fight, where hundreds of families in you vary farms are producing of collective and democratic form. In we want them to construct, to develop, and to spread this movement to include million of workers brasileiros.Esse movement is part of a work ampler than it includes the attempt to construct revolutionary socialist unions and, and a revolutionary party of the workers. The design intends to place all the Brazilian economy under democratic control, to create parents where nobody and explored, and to produce what in we need them to live well, without fear, misery. Here in the DF, we are developing a design where, in the first stage, we go to assemble a restaurant with a micron brewery in the flat pilot. We also intend to arrange you vary chacaras where we will produce vegetables, temperos, mushrooms, and others itens for consumption in the restaurant. From this start, we want to expand for other cooperative activities, and also to spread the socialist ideals that go to liberate the classroom of the workers. It has innumerable possibilities. We can in involving them with the ecoturismo, we can create schools, hospitals, you manufacture, farms, supermarkets, the possibilities are almost without limit. We know that our competition does not finish with the capitalism, but believe that through the revolutionary cooperativismo we can help to create the material and social base for the construction of a socialist movement, which finishes with the capitalism and all males that it creates. We are calling you stops participating. Perhaps you have some knowledge or experience that can be useful to this movement. Perhaps you have money to invest. Perhaps socialist you already and, and want to enter to help to spread socialist ideas through this movement. Perhaps you only have enthusiasm and a desire for trabalhar.De any form, it is joined in and will create a movement that fits all in, and that we can expand to fit our friends, relatives, and neighbors also. It enters in contact 427-1192


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