Thursday, January 29, 2009

America The Stupid

Americans really are the most stupid political people on Earth. I heard it from foreigners from the time I was a child. I know this to be true.So what makes Americans so stupid? We are uneducated and dense and we have no real appreciation of Democracy.When I speak about democracy and its principles to most people, they tend to tilt there heads and disagree. People like the notion of Democracy, but deep down we really despise it.When I was in school my high school history teacher gave us a book called “The principals of Democracy.” We also have “The Great State Papers” Content-Bill of Rights, Constitution of the USA and New Jersey.The NJ Constitution is more Democratic-Article 2 tells us we can change our Government. Article 18 gives us the right to collective bargaining, which is unionizing.If we really care about Democracy, why do we vote for Democrats and Republicans? What is the addiction? The Republicrats are the same Party with two wings.Ballot access for Independent and Alternative Parties is oppressive in most States. Some Presidential Candidates an only run in 13 states.In Many foreign Countries, there are ten political parties on the ballot. In a Primary, the top three winners go on the General Election. If the race between the top two is close they have an instant run off a month later.You can speak to people and get political stupidities. When discussing third parties a person will say something like, “What is a third guy going to do?There is no Third Guy, Third Party. And there shouldn’t be third Parties-Alternative Parties. Than there are the issues. We are a Nation with out a notion. We let TV defineOur issues. Than when we think independently and vote independently we vote for Parties like The Libertarians and Constitution Parties. I admire the Libertarian stance on personal liberties. But there approach to life and economics is Catastrophic. Where in the world are people seeking Libertopia?I ran for office on issues like a Living Wage, Universal Income, Workers Rights, and more. One guy who had nothing to say, who’s only Campaign slogan was Rock the Boat, he received 1,200, while I got 519. Another Candidate, who was a neo-fascist type, received 1,300 votes, while a candidate of enlightenment received 1,400 votes.We like nuts like Ross Perot, and we shut down people who are more for the people.The point is, if you get someone who is more entertaining than real, that person will win the popularity contest. People vote on popularity, not because the candidate has substance.Republicans are very ignorant, we know where they stand. Liberals are funny. Many people I protest with think the Democrats are a Socialist Party.I went to the RNC National Convention in New York City. Many Democrats where carrying Radical signs and thinking there man, was a man of peace.He wasn’t and he no Labor or Anti Poverty Platforms. No ideas about improving the quality life.I said to these people, how do you feel that you are in a Party that doesn’t represent you? They look at you perplexed and say nothing or, one of these days the Party will come around and deliver. Why not Join a Socialist Party and would from there? Oh Independents can’t win. They can if you vote for them.Then there is that look of perplexity. The best was during the cold war. We where fighting the mighty Russian Communist Bear. Trying to tell people there was a difference between Communism and Socialism.Used to tell people about Socialism in Western Europe. (Sweden and Denmark.)These people would look at you perplexed and say, aren’t these countries neutral. Yes, they where neutral, but every country has an inner politics and political parties.Karl Marx was right about the proletariat. In America we are a nation of success junkies and we hate the poor. People in America are always looking up thinking their day will arrive and they will be millionaires and better than the rest.In a supermarket you’ll hear someone say, gosh these steaks are expensive! Then some conservative hunch-brain will say-“Oh, I can afford that! Or, my goodness, train fare is expensive. Hunchy will say. “Oh, well, I can still afford a ticket.” In America we rudely do not commiserate. In European Nations they do.No one in the world could stand to see there fellow human with out health care. In America we don’t mind other peoples suffering, as long as it isn’t us. In Long Branch NJ, Contractors where using imminent domain to take people houses from them. Many Citizens didn’t care. Than when more homes where taken, all of a sudden, those people where seeking others to sympathize. No dice.Than, when it happened some more, than the future victims where dismayed because no one cared. Than there is Michael Moore, a professed Socialist voting for Obama. If Mike where really into it why doesn’t he join or start a meaningful Socialist Party?Our Non-practice of Democracy has hurt us and we loose credibility in the eyes of the world. And we have already lost that credibility.


  1. You made some good points there. I like the way you explain everything without using complicated terms. Thanks.

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