Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Political Dumbness

It really is our fault. Common. Snap out of it! Generation after generation we see nothing really changes politically. It is the same ole same ole. Democrats, Republicans, Republicrats.We are truly political idiots. We have no knowledge of politics outside of the corporate news media.My favorite phrase is ‘When are they going to learn?” They already have and that is why they do what they do.Looking at the results
We in America are a politically closed minded people. We have the power of change and yet we will not do it. We believe political myths.
1.People of alternative parties cannot win.2.Alternative Parties steal votes.3.Why throw away my vote when the Candidate cannot win.4.The Democrats are America’s far left party.
The fact is we can win. In the Early days the socialist Party was America’s third party. We actually had 13 locals in places like Oklahoma. Our Mayors had record accomplishments and ran the Cities well.
In Europe there are ten parties on the ballot. Each with a similar or degree of difference. Liberal, Conservative, Green, and Socialist. No one believes in the myth of vote stealing.People have free will and vote their conscious. It would be impossible for Nader to steal votes. People who voted for Nader, did so because they wanted to and thought he was a better choice than Gore.
Eugene V Debs said, “ Why vote for someone who will win and not deliver, than vote for someone who will lose, yet fulfill your desires.” Vote isn’t always a vote for a winner, but for some one who will best represent you and the form of Government you want.
The Democrats are a Right Centrist Party. They stopped being a Leftist Part after Bobby Kennedy.
American culture and society is a massive failure. We are an Anti social society based in selfishness and arrogance. In the last election the big winners in the Alternative Party movement where the Libertarians, and National Constitution. One reflecting the Selfish values of Ian Rand, The other a Theocracy. This shows most Americans do not care about Democracy.The Libertarians have a good rap, they are good on personal liberties. But they are a economic and social disaster. The National Constitution Party wants the dark ages to comeback.Why do people seek socialism world wide? Because it is the only form of Politics that addresses the needs of the people. Socialism isn’t Communism. Many are Democratic Social Democrats. We need a excellent, growing Socialist Party in America. Find one and join one. find the substance and courage to make real change.


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