Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Future of Work

The future of work can be bright. Work is good. Our job futures look very bleak. The Republicrats offer band aid programs and will not tell us the truth about work and our way of life.The Democrats keep bringing up the American Dream as if it where obtainable by all.It isn’t. Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps is the Horatio Alger myth. That we can have a business, a big house, two cars in every garage.In America we can do anything, be anything, and become anything. Not true. Our Dreams are shallow and materialistic. Most of all, destructive.There is a certain madness to the American Dream. I hear it all the time. I work at work, than I work at home. Owning a big house and having to take care of a big yard eats up all my time.I travel to work two hours, work nine hours a day, than two hours back. Than I have house hold chores. It is all pressure, part of the Rat Race.Don’t think what you own belongs to you. If you are foreclosed, you loose your treasured possessions, family photos, videos, music, your pets wind up in a animal shelter, your friends. Your home can be taken in tax liens. In New Jersey taxes can be up to $9,000 on a house.Yet , everyone preaches the American Dream as if they we live in an Amway world.At the DNC National Convention, the Dems sounded like and Amway demonstration.Hilary Clinton thought $9.00 and hour would be a great minimum wage.It takes about $20 an hour to live in NJ.Most people loosing their jobs will make substandard wages. I know a women who worked at a company for years, as she made $54,000. She didn’t have a college degree. With or with out a college degree, she will never see that money again.Most chain stores will only hire part time. Grocery centers hire part time so their employees will not Unionize.The Factories are gone for good. Factories sucked to work at anyway. The homes of Slave Labor.Work doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We all work. Much work can be enjoyable if it were not for bosses and hours.Most people say the fell a sleep at work and many think they work too many hours. Many travel too far. People in general say they are unsatisfied with their jobs. There are books, “Unjobbing” By Michael Fogler, “Freedom From Work”, “The End of Work.” By Jeremy Rifkin.In Ralph Bellamy’s book, “Looking Backward.” Tells about a new society. People make their own work.In production I see awesome robots building things humans did. A bread Company through automation once made 1,000,000 loaves of bread a week, with 25,000 employees. Now it makes 1,000,000 loaves a day with 500 employees, and through future automation, 2,000,000 loaves with 5 employees. * Not an actual, but close projection. People in the future can have work they can value. The Futurists lists the top ten jobs of the future.
OUT •Stockbrokers, Auto Dealers, Mail Carriers, Insurance & Real Estate Agents •Teachers •Printers •Stenographers •CEO’s •Orthodontists •Prison Guards •Truckers •Housekeepers •Fathers *********IN •Issue Engineers •Gene Programmers •Pharmers •Organic Monitors •Data Miners •Hot-Line Handymen •Virtual Reality Actors •Narrowcasters •Turing Testers •Knowledge Engineers
OUT - Repetitive, inventory tracking, middlemen. •Insurance Sales •Investment bankers, brokers •Travel agents •Car dealers •Video store clerks •Printers •Newspaper production and delivery (but not news production and delivery) ********IN - Creative work requiring lots of common sense and working with people. •Entertainment - Writers, performers, actors •Software •Science and Technology •Services - Chauffeurs, maids, personal trainers & assistants, police, lawyers, teachers, tutors, tour guides, hotel personnel, yard workers, etc. •Skilled & Craft - Construction, repair, sanitation, highway crews, park service, teachers. •Information services - Infrastructure construction & repair, fiber, cable, satellites, etc. •Medical, Healthcare & Biotechnology - Low to high skilled
All meaningful jobs. And the internet lets be our own Record Company, Movie Makers,Artists, business people. Check out can have a 32 hour work week, living wage, six weeks paid vacation. And we can have more. The Future really can be now. Life and work doesn’t have to suck. So, not everyone has to work at Wal-Mart, Target, the local Burger Joint at crap wages.The future can be bright for all and we should be able to have the career we want with out the dictates of government and family. And above all Corporations.


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