Thursday, January 29, 2009

And They Call It Democracy

Democracy is suppose to be the very heart and soul of our Political lives. But do what we know what Democracy is, how it functions, and how it is suppose to manifest itself?I believe we in America in particular we do not do Democracy well, nor even care about it. With conservatives Freedom and Democracy are hollow words. How could the Party that always violate Civil Liberties and introduces the Patriot Act, be for freedom and Democracy?When we speak about Free Speech, most people really hate it. Many want people controlled. Some people think the Constitution is Democracy. It isn’t. It is just a reflection of it.Many people thought Barak Obama was a Muslim. And if he where, in a real Democracy, with democratic thinking people, that wouldn’t even be a question.So, what if he where a Muslim.Take a look at Ballot Access. In Some States It takes 64,000 signers of a Petition to be on the ballot. Many States have prohibitive laws that allow fair and equal access.Now, isn’t that denying people freedom of choice? Isn’t that denying people the chance to change there government? Or even elect someone with different ideas than the two party system? Many Alternative Party Candidates are either censored, or vilified in the Press.In one election, as I am a frequent candidate, One Democratic opponent accused the Alternative Parties of not supporting his cause and that we only serve to confuse. The Democrats are hostile to change more so than the Republicans.Aren’t the Democrats suppose to be our Liberal Party that supports Civil Rights?Actually, Alternative Parties serve to expose. If thou are confuse, that is your problem.In Europe, there are ten political parties on the Ballot. During a primary election, held on the same day, all opposing party candidates are voted for. The Top Three winners go on to the November Elections. If the Top Two are close they move on to a December election in and instant run off.There are also many public referendums that the People Vote on. In 1992 the Italians voted on how there Congress would work.Thusly, we have the suppression of Ideas. How about some issue, like The Universal Income? A Living Wage? Workers Rights? A 32 hour work week? Sustainable and Livable Communities?It is hard to trust the Democrats. We know what the Republicans are about. But not all Democrats are Liberal. Many are as Conservative, if not more destructive than there counter parts. (Liberal democrats now are pretending to be Green).Than there are our Citizens. Who fails Democracy more than We the People? Our national attitude blows.We look at that guy at the Burger Restaurant, and we never see that server as Human. He is there, he must serve us, and that is where we want him. Why should he go to college, or improve his life? No, we like him where is at. Over worked, underpaid, unable to have a decent life. But we want him there serving our burgers.At Chicago O’hare Air Port I heard one guy rant. That these people behind counters are androids.No one should have a job choice or career, we live to be served and we like being served, as long as it is not us doing the serving. I sometimes believe we really are proponents of slavery.OK folks here we go. Democracy 101. Democracy is a system of government where people have the freedom and liberty to choose their own destiny. Where people can vote for whom we wish and change our government.It also attributes the rights, freedoms, and liberties afforded to all citizens.The freedom to move about. Make choices concerning your life with out a paternalistic government interfering.
For instance, if a women wants to have an abortion, she free will she should be able too because it is her body and her life choice. No one has ever proved that a fetus is a life.In many cases Wealthy women can go to France and have Abortions, yet, poorer womenare stuck. In England, British women help Irish women go to England to have abortionsbecause Ireland still hasn’t legalized abortion. It exists as a semi theocracy.
How about Guys? Aren’t trying to be who they are and pursue there lives with the liberty and freedom all Heterosexuals enjoy? Argues all you want about homosexuality.The facts are, they are here, they are queer, and they aren’t going anywhere. They have been here since time began and they will be here long after we are gone.
We enjoy in the United States some freedom and liberties as citizens. The Governments job is to protect our rights and privileges.
If anyone remembers Faruk Abdul Muhti, he was a political prisoner who died young.He was on a TV Show Called Democracy Now! Speaking about Rights and SweatshopsWhen he was arrested for being a Palestinian. He spent two years in Prison, and denied healthcare for his heart condition.A Judge in York, Pennsylvania couldn’t believe this was happening here in the USA. She set him free. Six months later he died from long term denial of his medications.
Where was his Democracy?
While Billionaires are given billions in Corporate bailouts and welfare, where is our war on poverty? The Indigent are not free.
We in America are bad with Democracy. The news lies to us everyday and gives us no alternatives to request. Our media does our thinking for us and we are hardwired into factoids that are not on par with the Democratic process.
It amazes me after we had a fake cold war with the Soviet Union. We said they where evil and human rights abusers. And yet, we let Mexico and China get away with the same.
Remember the Philippines Revolution. When brutal Dictator Emmanuel Marcos was deposed. George Shultz said we will miss a dear friend. The people of the Philippines expect us to celebrate their freedom and new Democracy. We didn’t.


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